PC Financial Mastercard Vs. Walmart Mastercard.

The Walmart Master card is more prone to

fraudulent charges .

These come mostly from the European countries

like Venice and Germany.

If I may be right, this credit card is under the Duo Bank.

The PC Financial Master card is with the Canadian PC Financial

and is not that prone to fraudulent charges.

Its system of accounting, however,

is based on the Credit Line system

and not the Credit Card system.

Consequently the interest charges are credit card charges,

or up to the better  part of the 20% interest,

even when it is using the credit line interest charging

system which is at low 5% rate.

Worse, the credit line system does away with the grace period.

Walmart provides a 21-day grace period for payments

while PC Financial Superstore Card does not.

Both have online e-statement systems but only Walmart

has the version updated to the day it is being viewed.

In other words, the balance shown is not the correct balance,

even when the transactions are updated to the day.

This appears that the PC Financial computers are not up

to the task of computing the true balances.

Also, there is a marked difference

between their customer relations phone-wise.

While Walmart customer help desk is wanting on procedures

to entertain fraudulent transactions,

PC Financial phone agents have the habit of hanging up on you

in cases when the problem presented overwhelms them.

Last time it was Maxine and Miranda who just hang up on me

after I pointed out that the balance of my account

is printed in erroneously online.

Also PC Financial has a knowledgeable support agent

with a fluent British accent who

says her name is Chong.

Both Walmart and PC Financial 

do not charge  annual fees

from their cards.

The one card that charges annual fees is the Costco card.

Also, what should be a concern for Costco(Capital One) card users

is that transactions and phone support

passes through offices in Pakistan and India

as per its priority.


While Walmart phone callers do not hang up on you,

they do not answer the phone, either.

Site Conversion

Web developer needed

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My Dog Named Trish

My dog named Trish

inspects the trees.

Sunset For The Chinese Communist Party



Beijing Leaders May Announce End of Communist Party Rule

By Li Heming
Epoch Times StaffCreated: May 1, 2012Last Updated: May 1, 2012

According to a high-level source in Beijing, key leaders in the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Politburo have reached four points of consensus that will be announced on or around the 18th Party Congress. The tenor of the decision is that China will take the path of democracy. The news has been circulated hurriedly in Beijing.

According to the source, the four points of consensus are:


People from all walks of life, political parties, and social organizations should send representatives to form a preparatory committee for a new constitution. They will draft a new constitution that protects the rights of citizens to freely form associations and political parties.


It will be announced that the Chinese Communist Party has finished its historical mission as the ruling party. Party membership will need to be re-registered, with the free choice to re-enter the Party or leave it.


“June 4,” Falun Gong, and all groups who have been wrongly persecuted in the process of devoting themselves to China’s realization of democracy will be redressed and receive compensation.


The military will be nationalized.

The claim from the source cannot be verified, but it is said to be a matter of discussion among high-level leaders. The source also said that a democratic party has already been formed in the Beijing Academy of Sciences, and that over 30 scholars in the Academy have gotten involved in the movement, forming a “Chinese Scientists’ Liberal Democratic Party.”

The four points of consensus are supposed to be announced on or around the 18th Party Congress, according to the source. The congress is supposed to be held this fall, in October or November, though there have been rumors that it will be postponed amidst the current political uncertainty associated with Bo Xilai’s downfall.

Shi Cangshan, an independent China analyst in Washington responded to the news: “The domino effect set off by the Wang Lijun incident is still going on, and the Party’s behind-the-scenes operations are being exposed.”

Shi said that the reason Party leaders would want to announce four consensuses such as the above is to take the initiative on its inevitable decline. “The group that has engaged in these massive persecutions of the Chinese people, including the persecution of Falun Gong, is being exposed, and this is deeply implicated with the demise of the CCP. Better that they take the initiative, which will benefit themselves and the world.”

Read original

Chinese article.




(from the Epoch Times Alberta edition)







Summer? who says it’s summer?

It’s snowing outside!

(Be back in a day or two! Be happy till that time!)

Llorando (Crying)



Rhea Santos


Cold Front


Gretchen Fullido


(cold front? no kidding? which ?)

Securities and Exchange Commission Certificates.


A Proprietorship is a busness venture owned by a single person.

A Partnership is a business venture owned by two persons.

A Corporation is a business venture owned by more than two people.

These business ventures may either be registered or unregistered. It depends on what the owner/s want.

Of course the registered ventures enjoy more benefits in government protection and legitimacy.

The bone of misinterpretations is in the name of the venture and its owners.

A  SEC Cerificate, or license to do business, is given to the name of the business, and not to the owners of the business.

The business may change ownership but the name of the company remains.

The name of the corporation is considered a person.

The owners, whomever they are now, owns the name of the company.

Nobody else can take it, duplicate it, or copy it without the permission of the present owners.

If the cerificate, or license to operate as a registered company, is revoked, the name still stands.

Only the owners may abolish it( with proper procedure) or sell it to other people.

The owners can transact busines as a group, or unregistered company, but without some of the benefits of a registered company.

The main  difference between a company with a revoked license and an unregistered company is that the name of the unregistered company is not protected.

Remember that it is the company name that is registered and not the owners. The information to be filed to the SEC are the SALN for tax purposes, and the names of the owner/s and their corresponding shares in the company.


The Whisper



The whisper.mpg

Water that ignites


Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking for short, is that process of extracting natural gas in erstwhile inaccessible wells. This is done by forcing water with other chemicals down the well to fracture the soil that yields up its gas. This results in contaminating the water in that area with natural gas that ignites even when mixed with water. Carolyn Jarvis reports for Global HD, 16:9.





The Tie-up


Some prosecution members of the impeachment panel gave hints that Supreme Court Justice Corona is the one that prevents them from getting to and proceed with the arraignment of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Difficult to prove before the Senate, no?

BTW, I do not know how the Register works there, but in Real Estate, the property is not considered yours if you are still paying installments for it. The mortgage company still has a lien on it, even if the property is already under your name. The title is still being held by the mortgage company.

What happens now if Chief  Justice Corona pulls this one off favorably for himself?

Some people will be branded as loudmouths, and afterwards, become the next scapegoats.

Personally, the only department in the Administration that is thinking clearly and without favor  is the

Department of Foreign Affairs.

My hat is off for them.

More power to them.

The Shrapnel Off The Wall 2011 Stats


The Stats are in for this website:

1,926,305 authenticated and viewed hits.

Up by 757,245 from last year.

For a blog of this type with a single poster (me)

and administrator(me), I would say —


But this is modesty aside.

I would truly and sincerely say:

FANTASTIC!  INCROYABLE (whatever that means)

And give myself a pat on the back.

On second thought, I would use a

back scratcher instead which would I  find

more enjoyable an exercise!

Thanks, Folks, I never coulda dun it witout ya!

That`s for sure!

thanks also to the european countries that have just started their own networks,

for the avid attention they have given my posts, and making the name

coolambo and Shrapnel a byword. 

Verily I appreciate this, and some posts I will reload to satisfy their searches.

In The Matter Of Opinion


There is no such thing as a wrong opinion.

One’s thoughts and perceptions as an individual come out through his opinion. This is the embodiment of his views, his beliefs, his perception, his conviction of things that are acquired from experience. This is an expression of an expert or a judge  who has had special training on some particular situations. It is  less strong than actual knowledge of facts and data, but may formulate the basis of an assumption or a presumption.

An individual’s opinion of things cannot be read or analyzed as a whole or in its entirety. Opinion stems from the mind and since this is so, one cannot deduce exactly what comes from another’s mind.

 I had the opportunity to defend somebody in court against the charge of Possession of an Imitation Weapon. It is a crime here to possess an imitation weapon. The man I defended in court was caught with a replica of a pistol that looked genuine and could be mistaken for the real thing.  I argued  out that the law should come in two parts; firstly the accused must be caught with the imitation weapon; and secondly, the accused must have the intent to disturb the peace. And since the intent of the accused, and any accused for that part, may not be determined because intent comes from the mind, very much the same as opinion comes from the mind, he cannot be charged for this crime. In order to be found guilty of the charge laid against him, there must be the execution of the disturbance of the peace by the accused to prove his intent to do so. And since he did not make any disturbance of the peace, the charges were dropped.

 But what then is my point? My point is that nobody can be accused of one’s thoughts. He can be accused only by his actions. Opinion comes from the mind. It is the sum total of an individual’s perception of things. It is not an act. Therefore he cannot be charged for the opinion. And since his opinion comes from his own view of things, his opinion, therefore, cannot be wrong. It may differ from other opinion, but it is never wrong. It is only a different, disagreeing opinion.

 In the matter of a judge’s ruling, this is a manifestation of an opinion that comes out as a decision. It is still essentially an opinion, this decision of his. Nobody gets penalized for an opinion especially if the opinion comes from a judge, more so if the opinion comes from a collective body of judges to make the same ruling. Let us then put it this way—–if we believe that a judge made an impartial, biased, prejudiced ruling the judge should not be penalized for this because his ruling comes from his thoughts and his opinion. Besides, if we believe that a judge made a biased, impartial, and prejudiced ruling, don’t you think that we are only exercising our point of view which is what we exactly call our opinion? Our opinion in this matter is not wrong, but it certainly disagrees.

After all, it is only a matter of opinion.

The Crystal ball


And once again I bring out my crystal ball to help read the signs that be. I find that its opinion, when coupled with my hunches, usually make a worthy forecast. And while the future cannot be seen, its event can still be deduced from events obtaining today. And so, sporting its  prickling electric needles and crackling with anticipation, its opinion came through in a whisper—–and forecasts that upon the results of the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona will rest the existence of the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines, and the fate of the southern portion of the country that we still call MINDANAO. These will not be in the near future, but it is forecast just the same.

Also, there will be increasing repercussions as both sides tend to upstage each other.

God help!

Paula Ebben



Paula Ebben

Da Rock






New Russian Fighter Jet


New Fifth Generation Russian Fighter Jet

From the “Military News” of the website “The Voice of Russia”


Marilou Viardo


in Lourdes…..

Marilou Viardo is the one in the center of photo


Lakoda Rayne




(individual glamorous singers they are, hardly a comparison on harmonizing with

the Andrews Sisters, Lennon Sisrters, McGuire Sisters, or mayhaps Nikki and the Lemons Three)

The Ram Revilla Murder

 With all those confusing statements by witnesses, it would be easy for the PNP to botch this investigation were they to believe any one of them. What they need is a Colombo, or a Poirot to solve this case.
My guess is that the major participants are all in this caper with some plan in mind. The sudden and unannounced appearance of the armed, masked  men threw everybody by surprise, including the armed,masked men themselves. The plan had a sudden unexpected twist and a tragedy resulted.
This was  a botched plan, whatever the plan was, and the PNP should have better hindsight so as  not to botch this investigation.

One for a Thousand




In exchange for a thousand Palestinian prisoners of war,

Shalit is freed by his Palestinian captors.

This is Benjamin Netanyahu’s gesture to display

his sincere intentions for peace in the region.

Also, this shows his appreciation

of the value of a single Israeli life.

Warren Buffet throws down the gloves


Billionaire Warren Buffet dares the Republicans to get other wealthy and rich people to publish their income tax returns if he does publish his .

A truly good man, that’s what he is.

As simple folk would say : this one is a trouper.


Melissa Mack


Melissa Mack

WBZ Boston