Off The Wall

I’ll give it to you off the bounce

‘Cause I am not able to make the rounds.

Tarry and hear, tarry and hear,

The wall has ears, the wall has ears.

You’ll rue the tears, in all those years,

The day you forgot what big ears it’s got.




Bashar Al-Assad

Bashar Al-Assad.mp4

The Property Called frequency

I am not qualified to call it a property of matter,

not so for it to be another dimension,

nor a characteristic trait,

simply because words to define it escape me.

But I opine that if those  scientists  put this

under consideration

they might be able to explain things in a

much too logical a scientific form

For instance, an experiment was made

by breaking a laser beam into two pathways

and they come out with four different groups

of lasers.

Using frequency amplitudes and phases of cycles

the beam travels in four different courses

namely: First Group–beam cycles from minimum point to zero

Second Group–beam cycles from zero to maximum point

Third Group–beam cycles from maximum point to zero

Fourth Group–beam cycles from zero to minimum point

This should explain why the split laser beam

lands into four different targets.

The same results would they get for splitting

the ripples of a stream—

they would get four different streams.

The split is accomplished  in four different phases

of the cycle.

Sweden and Finland

Sweden and Finland opt to join

the supposedly defensive alliance

that is NATO.

Hey, it is their choices.

Or rather it is the choices of their peoples.

I might add that these countries are not belligerents.

The Swedes (not spelled as suedes),

and the Finns (not spelled as fines),

are know to make love not war (yehey).

They might even get the 101st Airborne Division

if only for the rum-and-coke thing.

The Freeq Multiverse

The Freeq Multiverse

By Cool-Ambo

They call it Theoretical Physics.

I am not a physicist, neither am I a physician. The closest thing I got to this word is when they ran me thru some courses in phys Ed. Even in these I failed miserably. I did mention before that muscles do not seem to grow on me, except on some strategic portions of my legs, or those strategic portions with which I find much use for, particularly in those times that I am obliged to flee from participating in some physical pugilistic confrontations.

Albert Einstein, now He was the theoretical Physicist. He advanced the Theory of Relativity which mostly advanced that the limiting factor in the universe is the speed of light. Stephen Hawking, he is another one of them. He advanced a lot of theories about the universe, expounding on the Big Bang Theory and other things.

Comes now my question : if the universe began from a Big Bang at one Singular Point, and then proceeded to spread matter from this point, how come there are heavenly collisions happening? If matter comes from a single point to populate the universe, wouldn’t each body proceed outward on their own unique course in such a way that no collision will occur like ripples in the water caused by a single dropped stone?  or like pellets fired from a shotgun? If they say that magnetic attraction (the basis for the Unified Field Theory) causes the heavenly bodies to change direction and thus cause collision, then such magnetic attraction between bodies is stronger than the force that produced the Big Bang. If so, then there could not have been a Big Bang. Whatever matter there is to spread around would have been held back by this magnetic attraction. If the cause is not the attraction between bodies, then there must be something else to cause these heavenly bodies to change direction and cause collisions. Maybe there is—

Think about it this way—-


There are times when you had to catch the elevator by running fast before the door closes. This means your timing was just right. You also need the right timing to go through a revolving door at the mall. It needs good timing. But let me get you into something more complicated—–watch Manny Pacquiao skipping the rope. He has perfect timing with the rope. Even if he does double loops, double leaps or even double cross draw loops, he does not skip a beat. That’s just it—it is not his timing, it is his beat, or I should say his frequency!

What is frequency, anyway? It is a cycle, a repetition, a reciprocating motion, a vibration, oscillation, rotation, revolution, or just about any process of going back and forth. Matter, if I might add, has frequency. Anything that moves, or has elements in it that moves, has frequency. Electrons spin around a nucleus. They have frequency. Music has rhythm and beat. That is frequency. Light has frequency, the variations of which produce different colors in the spectrum. Sound has frequency, the variations of which determine its pitch. Radio waves use frequency to transmit messages on air. Even people, with all those electrons and molecules in them have frequency. Now don’t go around looking for people who vibrate visibly to ascertain that they have frequency. If you see people who vibrate visibly, they are just afflicted with Parkinson’s disease.

Frequency, when disrupted, produce changes in what was originally a delicately ordered system. Microwaves squiggle through the molecules of chicken, cause agitation, disrupt the frequency of the atoms, and cause the chicken to be cooked inside a microwave oven. In this example, it is not the cooked chicken we are after but the way the microwave got through the chicken molecules. Well it went through the same way one gets through a closing elevator door—by being faster, or in this case, by being of a higher frequency than that of the chicken molecules. The same goes for sunlight going through glass. Sunlight also gets inside the green chlorophyll of leaves to produce starch for the fruit and fibro-vascular bundles for the trunk or stem.

The chemical, Ethylene Oxide or ETO for short (don’t mess with this chemical) is used to sterilize equipment in the operation room by passing through the sealed plastic packets to get to the instruments. Its ability to pass through the plastic containers is interesting because ETO is in a gaseous state and the plastic packets are opaque. It may be that the ETO is vibrating at a frequency which is higher than, but in sync, with the plastic containers.

There are limits to this ability, however, when it comes to other materials. Water may come together easily with other volumes of water, but not with steel, even if the frequencies of both are in sync. It depends also on whether one material is allowed to pass through , or if the material passing through will cause a change in the configuration of the other. You may not be allowed to get inside the elevator if you are too big in size, or if the elevator is already full. Thus water molecules are not allowed to get inside the steel material. And steel molecules are not allowed to get inside steel material unless they are both in an agitated, molten form. Human DNA is not able to mix with another person’s DNA unless they are in the ovule and spermatozoa state. They are probably in sync within this state.

But frequency as we know it now is a property of matter. The frequency I am going to refer you to is something like an upgraded frequency, or that frequency which does not depend on time, because this frequency dimension may have existed before time began. It may be associated, or related to the dark matter that the scientists are trying to decipher. In fact, it may be the dark matter itself. Wuups! That was a mouthful, eh?

Think about it this way—-the dimensions we know of today are length, width, thickness, or what we use for measurements. We can probably add weight and volume and anything we use for measuring and comparing things. We have never used time as a dimension. Time may describe you this way—-YOU, occupying this space on earth, on July 1, 2022, at 9 hours, 44 minutes, 38 seconds. Now there cannot be another one with this description. Similarly, you can be described as a solid matter that spans the time July 1, 2022, 9 hours, 44 minutes, 38 seconds to July 1, 2022, 9 hours, 44 mites 41 seconds. Now that is 3 seconds difference. You will be pictured as a solid matter tracing 3 seconds, in a case where you may probably be getting up a seat and going towards the television set. Or simply because matter is always in motion so it consumes time.

Frequency or that dimension I am talking about is independent of time, is something in a void, occupying space without a presence, an emptiness that fills a vacancy. The best way I can describe it is– it is a form of HUNGER. It is hungry for something to latch on to become something. It is an unwed entity which is not there without another. And it was probably out there in the firmament when it was as dark as the dark matter, there was no light, and nothing stirred, no motion at all. It was an incessant, gnawing hunger. We may know that feeling if we had not eaten for a millennium or so.

But all kidding aside, there was this point, a pre-supposed singularity which, when nothing stirred, and if there was matter at all it was in a completely motionless state, atoms and electrons are frozen amidst this completely intangible vacuum of a hunger. Then suddenly there was a hiccup, and lo, the hunger saw that this was good, and thence proceeded to tear apart this point of singularity to attach itself hungrily to all the mass and matter that was gushing forth. Thus was started the wheels of motion and the grind of time. It was as if matter from another universe got through from a hole created by the hiccup to populate another separate universe. It was just like matter getting through a revolving door from a belch.


But while a portion of this frequency dimension was consummated with the proliferation of matter from this Big Hiccup, still much of this hunger is not satisfied . It confines itself within a structure of an indefinite size and shape, just like an elastic enclosure with boundaries that constantly shifts and changes according to the growth of the universe. This elastic bubble, which I shall call FREEQ1, is only one of the bubbles populating the universe. This in fact provides for a configuration of multiple universes, or multiverses, each one having FREEQs similar in nature to FREEQ1, but not visible. FREEQ1 is open only and will accept only any and all other FREEQs of the same frequency. Dark matter may be in our universe but it belongs to another FREEQ. There are multiverses of different FREEQs and all are in one universe—our universe.

Freeqs have a frequency higher than the frequency of light itself. We may not be sure about its speed, but if it can vibrate faster than light, then it must be faster. Freeqs latch on to matter by slowing down  its own frequency, while matter may not be able to increase its frequency to latch on to Freeqs. And as Freeqs latch on to matter such matter is provided with a mark to identify which Freeq is latched on to it, a sort of watermark, or a brand. It is not sure what this identifying mark is. Perhaps the motion of the electrons go counterclockwise instead of clockwise, or the motion is up and down like pistons, or perhaps the frequency is some sort of a jig or a hip-hop. Whatever it is, this matter which is visible to us is branded with the mark of Freeq1.

Now as the matter in Freeq1 travel out from the point of the Big Hiccup, Freeq1 expands correspondingly just like a balloon that expands to give leeway to the speeding matter. The dominion of Freeq1 expands according to the expansion of its universe, and the Freeqs (whether they be latched or unlatched) expands with it until that time when the outer limits of this dominion comes in contact with the outer limits of Freeq2. Upon sensing that a comet branded by Freeq1 is about to enter its dominion, Freeq2 rejects this comet and bats it back like a ping-pong ball, and presto, the comet has changed its course. It will now go towards the direction which would take it on a collision course with other heavenly bodies within Freeq1. And this is the explanation as to why there are collisions among matter coming from only one point of the Big Hiccup. These are the rejects being batted off from the other multiverses.

Our universe is still expanding and the Freeqs will expand with it like a balloon. Its size and shape will still be indefinite and therefore its limits would be as indefinite as the other universes are indefinite. The borders between multiverses will remain undefined because each one will keep batting disowned heavenly bodies from its dominions like ping-pong balls. It is therefore safe to say that our universe has no end, even if you keep missing that gosh-darn elevator door because you are so ding-blasted slow!

I guess I am not cut out to be a theoretical physicist and should not give up my day job. If you are planning to ignore this post, I understand your desire not to be a theoretical freeq, er, freak. If you are, however, planning to save this post, please do not save it together with the files that say “Theory for the World is Round”.

Such “World-is-Round theories” are hogwash and will never catch on. Believe you me.

One Smart Turk

Another way to use sanctions

is to vote against Sweden’s and Finland”s

applications for NATO membership,

unless both countries extradite particular

Kurd terrorists to Turkey.

In effect, Erdogan has started a proxy war 

against the Kurds using Sweden and Finland.

And he does not need to arm these countries

in the same manner as cry-baby Ukraine.

Now this Erdogan— he is one smart Turk.

Which is more than I can say

for this G7 groping group

which in unison cried for the price cap  for Russian oil.

Don’t these excessively smart Caucasians realize

that the seller of the oil,

which is Russia,

would have the last say in the price of Russian oil?

Either they buy the oil at Putin’s price

or no Kemo-Sabay!!!

(translation : take it or leave it!)

To Unblock The Lithuanian Blockade

Lithuania believes it is following the sanctions

on Russian goods being imported to Lithuania

by blocking the railways between Russia and Kaliningrad.

But the EU has come around when it realized

that there are no sanctions on Russian goods

which are just passing through Lithuania

on the way to Kaliningrad.

Lithuania is not actually importing Russian goods.

Furthermore, if EU approves of Lithuania’s blockade,

Russia will then start blocking all passages that it can, 

starting from Ukrainian roads and seaports.


Germany Arms Ukraine


Using the same rhetoric as Hitler

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

arms Ukraine.

Heil Scholz!

Now wait for a liner to be sunk

by a torpedo,


Inherit The Waste

What was once a quagmire of expenses

is now a problem for waste management.

Indeed this is what can be said of Ukraine

whose application to the EU membership

is now being facilitated.

Putin does not object to this.

In fact he approves of Ukraine joining the EU.

Such a situation will further validate his idea

that people should be free to decide

which country they should join,

referring to the Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

The country that is Ukraine should now refer

to that territory which

Russia does not occupy.

This would be a reduced area dotted with rubble.

BTW, it is a common prospect that this war

will end in either Russia captures Ukraine wholly,

or there are negotiations wherein the country is split.

I did propose a third prospect===

unconditional surrender to Russia.

I did propose this at the onset of the special op.

One must consider

that the EU is governed mostly by women.

I do not berate women.

They run the cleanest governments in the world.

Naturally, because by tendency,

they are good housekeepers.

The only thing is—they do not know how to cry uncle.

One has to go through well-documented rigmaroles

to get them to submit to your wants.

And after they do,

the conclusion of this ritual is called

Sweet Surrender.

And so,

after Ukraine becomes a member of the EU,

will Ukraine be surrendered sweetly?

after the Javelin barrage?

Fifty Generals

Something is afoot here!

If these Ukrainian Generals have been wiped off

in one instant

there is more to this story than meets the eye.

And it does not bode well for both Ukraine and Russia.

It appears that Zelenskiye does not know about this.

And Putin starts a-purging his own generals.

 I hate to say what I think about this.

But if you are thinking of what I am thinking,

you’re bad!


To End The War

The Sec-Gen of the irrelevant Nato

voices out his suggestion to Ukraine

to cede some Eastern territories to Russia

to end the war.

I seriously suggest to Jen Stoltenberg that since 

he has nothing to do with neither Ukraine nor Russia,

he should mind his own business.

Besides, Putin knows what he wants 

and he is not going to tell

before somebody says uncle

and lifts the sanctions.

Otherwise, he will get to capture the whole of Ukraine.

And he will do this slowly so it hurts more.

For sure he will want Kharkiv

so as to provide a buffer zone

for Belarus.

And he will insist on controlling Odessa.

He would like to be the one to give the license to operate

for the shipping companies using the port of Odessa.

Meantime, the conflict has turned into a waiting process

to see who will decide to quit the struggle.

Snake Island

This area is too small to install

missiles that could bring down

high-flying reconnaissance planes

especially if these missiles will be in silos.

This island should first be expanded

by reclamation

and the Chinese are experts in this work.

They can even build an airfield which,

if completed, may turn this island into a fort.

Such a fort will complete the Black Sea

into being a harbor.

Russian aircraft carriers could then be

sailing outside the harbor for other assignments.

The Heat Is On

As Prices soar

the economy sinks

and the West,

still clinging to a presupposed

successful financial sanctions of Russia

turns the heat on

with anger borne of desperation.

Russia is subjected to intensely abusive

verbal attacks within the halls of

irrelevant United Nations which is now united

solely for these vociferous accusations.

It is a wonder why the Russian delegation to the UN

has not quit attending these malevolent sessions

to finally rescind its membership thereof.

I surmise that before this event,

the Russians will stage a trial of the Ukrainian Nazis

ala Nuremberg

just to elicit a mass dropping of Western jaws

and shamed admittance that they knew all along 

what they were doing was altogether wrong.

As of now, if the Western nations still deny

their error and continue to egg the Ukrainians to

risk their lives fighting this unwinnable war,

Putin will start  a creeping missile barrage towards

the city of Kiev which to him is now de-sanctified

and deserves to be destroyed.

Heaven help the Ukrainians 

and damn the West.



Ukrainian tanks are similar to Russian tanks.

In truth they were made in Russia.

But that’s not important now.

What I was going to focus on is the armor.

or that which tanks are protected with.

It seems that stinger missiles have got the number

on tanks, any tank.

One of the things that could be used

to envelop the tank is chicken wire.

These may not be able to protect against

the explosive power 

but it slows down the missile

before it reaches armor,

Another thing, listen well now,

these stingers have not been tested against


for the reason that concrete

just blows apart when hit

by these missiles.

Not so if the concrete was fashioned

as hollow-blocks

Repeat—hollow blocks.

If, instead of the extra metal plates

that are added to the Russian armor

Hollow blocks are used to line up the tank walls, 

the first wall may be splintered by the missile

but by then the velocity has been slowed down

to be stopped by the second hollow-block wall.

Concrete is not malleable as metal,

so it will not be melted

by heat from the missile.

But still,

the best support for armor are

aircraft and troops.

The Black Sea

It is only now that theb West realized

that the Black Sea is more significant

than sanctions would do against Russia.

I did mention Russian Harbor against the term

Russian Port.

You know, just like Pearl Harbor,

only this Black Sea Harbor is not open to attack

like Pearl Harbor is.

Besides all the US aircraft carriers were out

searching for the Japanese Fleet.

This Russian Harbor defense must be strengthened.

First and foremost,

the missile defense against reconnaissance planes.

The Black Sea is the key to Russia’s back door.

And who holds this key now?

Why Turkey, of course.

Check the maps.

Perhaps this is the reason why

Turkey holds the key—

it is better known as Tur-KEY.


Battle For Freedom

Battle For Freedom.mp4

Battle For Freedom.mpg

Recline And Fall

And so does start

the Recline and Fall of Vox Americana

as the Russophobia starts its most potent

manifestation by using a proxy war.

Russia has now started to opt out of Western-sponsored

leagues and unions that impose obligations and rules

that are not adhered to by the West.

Pretty soon Russia will finally get out of the 

United Nations

which follows what America dictates.

Now my readers understand what I was saying before,

that the UN and Nato are irrelevant.

The Latin Americans are also starting to wake up.

And the Americans may soon be Couch Potatoes.

To prevent this situation

America is now under damage control

by lining up countries that can be under their 

sanction-umbrella with nary a whimper.

Quads are now up.

Next would be Quints and Squints.


They should be informed

that around here

when we speak of QUADS

we are referring to people

who are limp on four sides

as in Quadruplegics!

It does show 

in this Quad.



Battle For Mariupol

I guessed right about the bulk of the Nazis

being concentrated in Mariupol.

And then Russia relaxed its operation against  Kiev

to concentrate the attack on the South.

The Azov soldiers who surrendered in Azovstal

may actually be very useful in validating

Putin’s cause for the Special OP.

Battle For Mariupol.mp4

Arming Neo-Nazis

Arming Neo Nazis.mp4

Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct.mp4

Basic Instinct .mpg

Bong Bong

Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.

or Bong Bong as he is popularly called

will become the next President

of the Republic of the Philippines.

He will be a boon to this country

knowing that he will most likely

work to redeem his family name.

The Hungarian


Song Without End.mp4

Song Without End.mpg

Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions

This website may not last the year.

Some sanctions are far-reaching.

But truth will reach farther,



Fury At Bastogne



Battle of Kursk

It started as a small skirmish between tanks,

but it attracted more and more tanks from both sides,

 until it turned out to be the biggest tank battle of all time.

T-34’s versus Tiger tanks,

This is now known as the Battle of Kursk.