Off The Wall

I’ll give it to you off the bounce

‘Cause I am not able to make the rounds.

Tarry and hear, tarry and hear,

The wall has ears, the wall has ears.

You’ll rue the tears, in all those years,

The day you forgot what big ears it’s got.




Big Eyes

At first I thought that I had too much to drink,.

But then I realized that I don’t drink.

And after I gave her directions to where she was going

I did mention to her quietly

that before she goes out in public like this.

she should make sure that

she is wearing a mask.

A Blessed Naighbor

It is a blessed summer day,

I mused,

as I subserviently stood over the spot that marked

the physical distancing spot.

I was actually third in line to hit the register

at the Walmart Cashier’s plexiglass cubicle.

Some lady was holding up the line

because she was having some problems

paying with her credit card. 

It seems that the card was so new

that it has not been activated yet.

After much fuss, the tall burly lady in front of me

offered to pay  for what she bought.

This kindly gesture did not amaze me because

Canadians would do this act at the drop of a hat.

But I did slid to her and said that I would have enjoyed

that much privilege if she happened to be my neighbor.

The lady in trouble courteously refused the offer and

proceeded to count her cash, 

which in the end did not meet the grocery balance.

So the kindly lady in front of me ended up

paying for the balance shortage.

Before this was over, I again slid closer

and asked for her name.

She replied with that much message in her eyes—


And then I realized

that she was in truth a neighbor

and the privilege is in truth,



The Canadian Mania

This mania that afflicts Canada 

is after all not an affliction.

It is for something good, and this is actually

what Canada and the Canadians are noted for–

the desire to help people.

We Canadians may be practicing socialism

which is what that great practitioner of sanctionism

from the White House thought.

Well, this mania has put the Canadian Government

in Ottawa in trouble this third time around.

In their eagerness to help the public

by emptying the coffers of the Treasury 

to give to the people ala Robin Hood

within the fastest time possible,

the Trudeau Government

is now under fire for seemingly accepting payouts.

Whether this be true or not,

the charitable purpose is noble.

What is not good is that they did not foresee

what the public may foresee.

and that all the modes of negative opinion

were not considered.

By neglecting these factors in their decision,

the members of the Trudeau Cabinet

cannot be good Generals.

This is probably the reason why they are not in the military.




Test post this is.

This hosting is under new Manglement.

I mean, Management, sorry.

But if you guys suffered from being devoid of my jokes,

You should have been in my place spending sleepless nights

getting a whole new outfit to host this site.

My aim was, and still is, to get away from Webhosting Canada,

(now called, and the CIRA as a whole.

In my quest, however, I have experienced 

a whole lot of defects and deficiencies

of ALL the hosting providers

in both the US and Canada.

I may compile the good and the bad points of each and every

hosting provider that I “encountered” within the last

“quarantined” months of

I should also include the faults and the defects of

Filezilla, WordPress, and the backup systems.


(btw, this site is again hosted by Webhosting Canada, eh?)

Red Bikini

The red bikini is given to you as a reward for your good techie work. The wearer, however, is not for you to keep, as she proved too expensive for me to handle. also, yours will be the problem of persuading her to give  it up.

Q -Tip No. 1

Q -Tip No.1

Do not mistake my Q-Tip

to that kind that you clean your ears with.

My Q-Tip is a Quotable Tip,

and as the term implies,

you can quote it anytime, anywhere.

The main difference between my Q -Tip and your Q -Tip

is that my Q -Tip can be inserted thru your left ear

and then pulled out from the right ear.

Try this with your Q -Tip.

My Quotable Tip No. 1 takes into account the multiple deaths from Covid-19 in nursing homes, seniors homes, auxiliary hospitals and any other relative buildings which are of the closed ventilation type for the occupants. These buildings require mechanical ventilation to force air inside the building. the ventilating systems common for these types of buildings would consist of a furnace or heater in the basement or an air conditioner on the roof.

It can go without saying that the air inside these buildings is for common consumption and thereby lies the danger of infecting the occupants with virus from any single resident. Now it is arguable that the Covid-19 virus may not be airborne but this argument still has no basis for conclusions. Whether it can be airborne or not. it will be safer to assume that it can be airborne as much as it can be inside droplets of liquid. Besides, the air I am specifying is actually humidified, which means it has enough moisture that it can hold.

Which gives rise to a detailed rundown of what a closed ventilating system looks like. In a nursing home, the air is heated by a furnace in the basement. This has a supervisor or a technician to oversee its operation. Fresh air, about 10% to 20% is sucked in from outside, is mixed with air recirculated from the building, is passed through the heating elements, is forced through a water humidifier, and then distributed to the rooms through air vents. The recirculated air is sucked in through the vents which are placed strategically apart from the hot air vents. Both the incoming air and the return air are situated at the bottom of the rooms. This makes the hot air stay at the ceiling and the cold air nearer the floor. If the air is infected, it stays up there for a while.

If the covid-19 virus will spread, it will be through the upper space inside the room or corridors. This is humidified air. The virus may be killed when it passes the heater but the humidified air does not pass the heater. So what could be obtained is humidified air floating around the building and used air remaining inside the ducts waiting to be recirculated.. This portion of air inside the building produces the risk of infection and only about 10% of it is replaced with fresh air. Perhaps an efficient use of the manual switch of the furnace blower to suck in more outside air is logical.

What could have been done for added safety is to add or tape air vent filters all over the place. These air vent filters are available in hardware stores and can be doubled together for better effect. Other more expensive systems of sanitation may be used. like effective air sterilizing equipment with water sprayers.

This Quotable Tip is making the assumption that dishes are diligently washed clean.

Geri’s Game


Geri’s Game.mpg

Geri’s Game.mp4

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited is “Not Limited”

This is a dynamic blog using ftp’s to convey part of the message to the readers WordPress may still not have any specific rules or plugins to aid in such an endeavor. And if the ftp hold the bulk of the storage for these messages, a simple deletion of its contents just about reduces the total disk space consumed, although the link stayed on the page. The link will therefore point to nothing, This is OK if the contents of the ftp has been delivered and read and us considered expired. The website in question therefore stays “trimmed” of its disk space consumption in abeyance of the storage limits.

I shall expect this blog and its contents to be quarantined and not to be touched by any other person who is not authorized by myself to do so. Any deletion of files, passwords, ftps, software changes will therefore be considered abusive to the owner/administrator, which is mainly me.

If any media content has been publicly published in the media wherein the public can avail of it for free I will therefore be free to put this media content on this site as a simple procedure of “relaying information”.  This is similar to gossip, an enterprise most commonly indulged in by the feminine generality, and which is considered annoying to some but amusing to the bulk of the community.

I believe that anything that steals profits from the copyright owners is illegal. This site is non-commercial and anything that I paid for is mine and mine to use or dispose of. This does not represent stealing profits from the copyright owners before they air something free for the public. The public, therefore, should not pay for the copyright as they are already paying for the tv subscription.

The word ‘unlimited” shall be considered strictly unlimited. The term unlimited connotes storage that may be of infinite size. This is as absurd, as the people who proposes to dabble with it. This site shall be trimmed to a size as the readers may demand and download speeds require.

If I pay for unlimited storage, unlimited storage I should have.




The Yakuza

The Yakuza.mp4

Gladiator Salute

And then the health care workers,

devoid of complete protective equipment

to battle the coronavirus,

formed themselves into ranks

facing the powers that be 

to altogether raise their right hands

to declare

“O  Premiers,

We who are about to die salute you.

We will fight well

but do bury us well

when all is already well.

We who are about to die salute you.”


Q _ Tip 7 For Filipinos Only

Here is where the all-purpose cure all of the people

come into liberal use–the Vicks Vaporub.

This can be rubbed, inhaled, applied, vaporized,

and even calm people with dementia by applying it

on the forehead.

Or even stop sexually-active men.

This bottle can be tied on a string

and wrapped around the waist like a holster

for the fast-draw artists.

Q – Tip 6 All Hands on Deck

All Hands On Deck!

The call resounds

even before the  monster coughs it out.

And the people respond

with all the christian

and compassionate ardor

they could muster

to shield each other against this viral storm.

It is clear that the effort is not to fight back

but to minimize the number of deaths.

For one does not even think of fighting

such an ugly beast that nature releases.

All Hands, All Hands!

Never ye mind yonder deaths!

Mind this Call To Arms!

Protect from Harm!

Disperse For Safety!

Yours  and  Ours!

Q -Tip 5 Improvised Masks

I did say that masks can be made

out of common household items,

from yours or your girl friend’s.

Notice that two more masks 

can be made from 

what the horse is wearing.

Q -Tip No. 4 Canadian Builder

Pursuant to his promise

to make America No. 1 country in the world,

Trump bullies and blames everybody else.

And now the presumably No. 1 country in the world

battles a war within its turf.

To prevent this situation, America has spent trillions

of dollars after its Independence.

And now this presumably No. 1 country in the world

is panicking.

It is accentuating its isolationist policy 

with selfish political acts.

It now proposes to break all treaties and negotiations

with other countries altogether in restricting its

companies to to stop exporting goods to other countries.

As for Canada,

it can survive this American isolationist policy

by making its own products.

As regards to masks and ventilators?

Which outfit could best produce these  better than 


After all, they do build planes, don’t they?

They can build hospital ventilators collectively

in the wards using airplane ventilators.

(And by the way,

we Canadians will have to express gratitude,

both profoundly and correspondingly,

to both Trump and 3M.)

Q – Tip 9 Remdesivir

This drug is said to shorten the recovery

of Covid-19 patients from 15 days to 11,

IF they are on the recovery path.

Well, no bad news is good news.

This drug may not be known much to the physicians,

maybe to the veterinarians,

since it was made to cure peritonitis on cats.

And even so, peritonitis is not specifically

on the lungs.

But this does show

that they are throwing everything in the fight

including the kitchen sink

which may be that good at least for me

since I use much of the kitchen sink

to wash my hands

including the pots and the pans.

But for all my readers,

who happen to be world leaders,

tarry much on the hyperbole

just start carrying the ball

and see if you can get it across

without your people being crossed.


George Floyd

The picture and videos of the demise of George Floyd

are too gruesome and so moving that I am unable to get myself

to post anything related to the incident.

Even the protest images don’t help any.

This is the worst chapter in my life’s experience on earth.

Gad! I can’t find anything related to good news that

I can put up nor talk about.

This is America in the dumps.

The blacks in America actually need

a breathing space

away from the police.

(Sheez! I can still feel what George Floyd felt when under the knee!)

Trump’s Disinfectant

It seems that they have misinterpreted,

and took out of context, 

what Trump is saying.

He was merely musing,

giving his opinion on what may help

in formulating a cure for Covid-19.

His mistake was—-he forgot to turn off the microphone

so that everybody thought he was giving the order to

make the cure using disinfectants.

The disinfectant is based on chlorine which kills the virus.

Chlorine kills any virus,

It also kills people.

Chlorine has to be modified and combined with other

chemicals to make it safe for people to take.

Sodium is the best chemical to combine with chlorine

because the product becomes salt, the common table salt.

But chlorine has to be modified further

to put into a person’s body to  kill viruses.

He was on the right track, though,

but he still has to make more tracks on this matter.

Now Trump is embattled,

fighting two fronts at one time.

One front is against the Covid-19,

a virtually unknown and uncontrollable virus.

The other front is against his own people,

who uses the Constitution as an excuse to be disobedient.

He is facing overwhelming numbers from all counts.

Q – Tip 8 Fungi

This post of mine has me stumped,

mainly because the main difference between virus and fungus

is that the latter have spores.

Spores are like seeds.

Fungi grow from these spores.

If the spores are dense enough,

it can be carried by the air

and thus can be transmitted to another host by air.

The Covid-19 is considered a virus

and is given this title

by none other than the World Health Organization,

the W H O.

And WHO am I to contradict an organization

with a full panoply of very learned doctors. 

Which is why I am calling this post of mine

a shot in the dark.

If by any chance I hit the basket with this shot,

I should deserve more than three points.

After all I did make the shot

in the dark.

But what is fungus, anyway?

Mushrooms are fungi. Some are edible. I prefer them cooked with my roast beef. Some like, fairy rings on your lawn, are irritants. Molds are also irritants and they can start on old bread, breaded chicken and leftover dumplings. Molds may also appear on your bathroom walls and sinks. Mushrooms are commonly found in forests under dried leaves and grass. What is common to all of these is that they thrive on and over dead and decaying matter, And not only do they grow over their hosts, they transform the hosts to make replicas of its kind. It can thus be said that fungi is nature’s perfect scavengers, in that they convert decomposing matter into another kind of matter.


It is to be noted that the fungi on this fly started its work when they sensed that the fly was very inactive, or that it is dying, but not before. These fungi are also known to secrete juices on their intended hosts preparatory to its ingestion, probably to make it easier to absorb.
Now the covid-19 works similarly like a fungus, in that it starts work on inactive and human cells that are about to expire and have no chance to be replenished. Old people have these kind of dying, inactive, and hard to replace cells. Also, the coronavirus may have sensed lung cells which are tar-covered and dead. and started to work on them.


But why are these airborne spores not found on old human skin? Probably because they are rubbed off by the clothes the old people wear. Or they are washed off. Or they are even scratched off because they produce skin itch. The best way, therefore, to get rid of them is to take away the factors that make them grow, or have them subjected to an environment which prevents their growth. Remember that even roasted bread and breaded chicken can start molds.

In a nutshell,

there is not much to prove that the covid-19 is a fungus,

but there are much to say that it acts like a fungus.








Q -Tip No. 3 Of Masks And Men

The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic

compelled the world to consider masks

and thereafter debate on whether to wear them

or not.

Well, there is a mask which is the Lone-Ranger type.

This type will not be effective for this purpose

as it covers only the cheeks

and makes poor work of it.

It does not filter anything,

not even the identity of the wearer.

This is for sure

because even Tonto refuses to use it.

Another mask is the Jesse James type.

This one is a simple bandanna wrapped

around the face.

This is both colorful and washable

and is available in every household.

A larger handkerchief would do.

Just make sure to take them off  before

you enter a bank.

You would know that the teller has mistaken your intentions

when she starts giving you all the cash in the drawers

without even asking for your signature.

But all kidding aside,

I am referring to the surgical masks

which undoubtedly filters the coronavirus.

If you are not sure whether to wear them or not,

just ask yourself the question at that moment,

“who better needs it now, you or the health care worker?”


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey.mp4

Mariah Carey.mpg


A Buddhist monk is awakened

after a meditative sleep

of three years

three months

three weeks

and three days

and before his puberty.









My take on this crisis—-

Firstly, the NTC will be doing its function

when it issued the order to cease and desist

the operations of the ABS-CBN network

after the expiration of its franchise/license to operate.


Secondly, before NTC can issue this order,

it must have given the network and its owners

a written warning that the franchise and/or license to operate

is about to expire.

Proof of receipt is required.



The owners of the ABS-CBN network

should provide in writing

their intent to re-apply for license to operate,

or ask for a deferment of proceedings in lieu of time to re-apply,

or change organization,

or a change in purpose or operation,

or re-incorporate the ownership.

This is a simple business problem

if there were amiable communication

between the owners and the regulators.


Thirdly, I would recommend

that the network refrain from re-applying

to license the same franchise,

as this process may require another lengthy wait.

A change in the network name may be better

if this will keep the license  active

even in a temporary basis.


If, however, the defense lawyers are matinik enough,

They can just negotiate.

Hey, nagpasiklab na tayo para-pareho,

ipakita naman natin

na marunong din tayong mag mea culpa.

Huwag na tayong mag ergohan pa.

Daanin na lang natin sa bote!!!

Malapit na rin ang pasko!

Diba, diba, diba?


(it is probably only in this country where exists a time limit

on the licenses of media and communication networks)



Rebel Without A Cause




The Alley


The Alley.mp4

The Alley.mpg