Photo Adjustments?


You asked how I make photo adjustments?

I’ve got three desktops with three monitor screens glaring all around me.

The 24-inch powered by a 1080p Nvidia video card puts out more color than anything else, making Rhea’s hair appear more stunningly red. Adjustments are made here to compensate for the newer flat screens that you may be using now.

The middle screen is a small generic, square one that puts out the more true to color ATI video card output. This also emphasizes the shadows of the photos and turns Hazel Viardo’s picture into one with more mystery.

The third one is another widescreen, smaller one, powered by a full 1080p Zotac 1 Gb video card built specifically for gaming. This turns Pia Arcangel’s skin tone to a smoother, creamier complexion, with the poinsettia’s color a sharper red. This a good picture to display on cell phones, or on your older monitors.

Which one do I like best? Why, the one that puts out the better smiles in them thar lovely girls!

But the same picture will be displayed on whatever screen you are watching. I try to avoid faces which are pock-marked with pimples. :lol: