Zimmerman’s injuries

Zimmerman Prosecution Falters


Due to an apparent improperly oriented witnesses, the Zimmerman prosecution gained less points tna the defense from the declaration  of their own witnesses.

One witness even stated that Zimmerman is the one being pummeled by Travon Martin and he is the one yelling for help.

But in all fairness, let us summasize what everybody knows and what everybody agrees on:

1. Zimmerman admitted that he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

2. Zimmerman suffered injuries on the head and nose. Trayvon had only one fatal gunshot wound.

3. Zimmerman does not feel guilt in killing Trayvon.

4. That there was a fight that was noisy and disturbed the neighborhood. 

What surprises me though is that the weight is being given undue consideration  to the gravity of the injuries sustained by Zimmerman. They say that if the injuries were not that serious he wpould not have been hustified to shoot Trayvon Martin.

 I say that the decision to shoot the attacker should come from the victim notwithstanding the injuries that he sustained after the scuffle. In fact, the decision to shot the attacker should be done should the attacker just gives the hint that he would injure the victim. The trial analysts could never, never get into what Zimmerman was thinking atr the moment before he fired the gun.

Think about it this way: if both Zimmerman and Trayvon had guns at the same time, who do you think would have been justified to shoot the other?