Windows XP Pro

Windows 7

It is fast! I have a 9 Gb ram, though, and a 64-bit file system to boot! Maybe that’s it.

And so continues the reloading of the programs a lot of which has to be updated to fit the Windows 7 OS. I just had to reconfigure the printers for the Windows 7. It appears that Microsoft has a phobia with scanners using the Arcsoft system pf Epson and Canon. Adobe has to be configured in my printers. It does not accept my Laser Tally Printer from UK.

I am using another desktop aside from the Dell, and I am satisfied with the speed of this. This pc runs on 2 Gb, Windows XP Pro. This is the one I know right and left. There is another two desktops and those are which I use to try various programs and operating systems. The Apple laptop with Leopard Operating system is taking the sidelines for now although it offers some items better than Microsoft.

The Windows Vista OS, which preceded Windows 7, could have had similar successes similar to Windows 7 had Microsoft gave the public the compatibility lists as was provided for Windows 7 now. In truth, there is good reason to believe that Windows 7 is a rectified Windows Vista, and that the OS is based on Windows Vista.

I found something good in Windows 7 now—-it has more pc game programs than the other OS that preceded it. I like most the CHESS game which I beat already. Of course I started off as a neophyte to the game just to test it, and it did try that mate-in-five-moves the first time around. I must have thrown it off its rocker when I forced an early exchange of queens which forced him to open up his right side and got himself caught with his left undeveloped.

These computer chess games are only as good as their programmers. Didn’t the IBM computer called “Big Blue” beat the world chess champion Kasparov?

I mean, if I keep my moves off the expected moves in chess, I could beat this computer game up to the end, even if it has started to make notations of the moves I make under some such situations.

The very good rule that my Father taught me in chess—never make a move which does not improve BOTH your offense and defense! I have found this advice very gratifying in most cases in life.