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Joey Ara Maris in Wowowee


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Willie Revillame

With a noble bearing, that theatrical gait, and the babaero strut, Willie Revillame belongs to that special breed of Filipinos who call themselves Novo Ecijanos.

These Novo Ecijanos may be called as aliens, meaning out of this world, because they excel in mostly everything that should be excelled in.

For Willie, his special forte  is his knack of eliciting the right response from people.

His show, WOWOWEE, hits the viewers with a laughing fit at one point, and then slaps them the next with poignant tales of strife from the guests.

This is the “pull” of this show. It satisfies the nostalgic needs of the OFW’s. His show has become the prime entertainment of the Filipinos abroad.




It would be interesting to note that the OFW remittances are what keeps the Philippines afloat.  It pays the salaries of the people in the government, whether they be men, or women, mataba, payat, pilay, bungi, buntis. It also puts something in the coffers of the treasury—exactly those coffers which government people dip in sneakily, whether they be men or women, corrupt or impartial, mataba, payat, pilay, bungi, buntis.

face2Shakespeare’s epitaph reads :  Curse be he who moves my bones

           Willie’s : Curse be he/she who changes any part of my show

Willie Revillame’s protest

Former President Corazon Aquino quietly, peacefully slipped away towards her niche in HISTORY.


OK, I said it, and it is probably one of the best tributes anybody can give for the beloved Tita Cory.


Let’s not get carried away, though. Paying tribute to her and grieving for her like she was family is not the only thing that should occupy us and regulate our behavior. We can express our sentiments to the Aquino family as much as we could, even pave the way with roses for Tita Cory to show our gratitude, but we should not force others to pay homage the way we do. To each his own.


If you people would like to grovel the way you would, go right ahead. But don’t force me to do the same thing. If I am watching my favorite shows like the Equator, or You Think You Can Dance, or Wowowee, do not ever stick that funeral procession in my face. It so happens that I do not appreciate in earnest those sad scenes and sob stories. Besides, if you shove a picture of a coffin in front of my face while I am watching Britney Spears, chances are you will be the receiving end of a ‘bastos’ holler from me.


Now, I do not like this Willie Revillame as much as some of you do. But he was being serious in his work and was protecting the context of his program in such a way that sticking a funeral procession up the screen without his say so is a bit off the ethical. I would have been so mad I would have shut down the show, were I him.


Now comes the MTRCB who still believe that they have all the expertise and thereby all the regulatory controls in the world for these TV shows. Perhaps not—what is good for General Bullmoose has not been good for everybody, not now no more. Well let me tell you what I think, again—–the people in this particular pseudo organization ain’t worth a plugged nickel.


And let me tell you something, once this time around, at about the present time after Cory’s funeral, there exists a general feeling of energized alertness and unity amongst the people. It should take just one charismatic leader to collect all these unified energies for one viable cause. This leader usually comes from a group which is disgruntled enough about too much regulations, and restrictions, and controls they are subjected to. And thereafter, it should take only a spark to start something.


So all you government entities and agencies concerned with keeping the people in line, remember to pussyfoot around some particular people when you are laying down the do’s and the don’ts within those restive hours.


I  mourn for Tita Cory, truly a great person. I show my sympathies to the Aquino family.


But let no one ever say that I was forced to do so in whatever way they wanted.


I will do this my way. ircd00d YEH!

Dolphy at 81


 Dolphy is an anomaly.

He is one of the very few good men

Who did not die young.

His rendition of this song “Ikaw na Nga”

Has compelled me now to listen to it in its entirety.

It is truly the singer, not the song!

Ikaw Na Nga

(Perhaps this song would be less boring if sung with the key an octave higher!)


ASF Dancers



World class crowd-pullers of the Wowowee troupe.

High Noon

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