Wildfires in Ft. McMurray

The Fort Is On Fire

The City of Fort McMurray,

which has given up its wealth in resources

to the rest of the Province of Alberta,

is under fire,


This wildfire blitz is relentless, determined, all-consuming, and conclusive

so much so that the City of Fort McMurray

is not expected to survive.

The residents are being evacuated ever since hours after the fire started.

But the story is not merely about the fire and the evacuation.

The story is about the will and the camaraderie

exhibited by Albertans as they stood up to support

the evacuees in any way they could.

This is the much applauded character typical of Albertans.

A friend is more than a friend,

he is a brother.

A neighbor is more than a neighbor,

he is kin.

The generality of Albertans know this

and has taken it for granted,

that the Fort will again rise up,

with more pomp and splendor than before.

This resurrection will be more of a challenge not a vision.

It will be done.

Rest assured.

It will be done.