who gassed the Syrians and Kurds

Syrian Oil

Now that the Isis/Isil terrorists are getting eradicated

Syria can now continue to develop its oil resources

so much so that the United States

now scampers to get a piece of the action.

What it could not accomplish with motley groups of

mercenaries using American arms and supplies

it now attempts to apply the charges of

Assad gassing his own people.

This well-known ploy has already been used to such expediency

that it actually started the invasion of Iraq

and executed Hussein as a consequence.

This attempt to dislodge Assad and render Syria

as impotent as Libya may not push through

if Russia and Lebanon prevent it.

It is odd that the United States professes to be the

champion of human rights and international justice

when in fact it blatantly refuses to join

the International Court of Justice.


There were more atrocities committed

by American troops than any other

in their incursions to other countries

supposedly to promote human rights

and international justice.

The gassing of the Syrian people by Assad is not true,

as much as the gassing of the Kurds by Hussein.

If not,

then who did?