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Today starts the webhosting of this site

by Webhosting Canada (WHC)

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This post also marks the 6,370th that I made.

not counting the lost ones.



February Stats for Shrapnel

Monthly Statistics for February 2016
Total Hits 655520
Total Files 512580
Total Pages 475396
Total Visits 46690
Total KBytes 152369313
Total Unique Sites 18226
Total Unique URLs 3706
Total Unique Referrers 743
Total Unique User Agents 3586
. Avg Max
Hits per Hour 941 7314
Hits per Day 22604 43650
Files per Day 17675 40885
Pages per Day 16392 27101
Sites per Day 628 1603
Visits per Day 1610 2420
KBytes per Day 5254114 14168803


Webalizer Stats

Monthly Statistics for November 2014
Total Hits 75412
Total Files 54849
Total Pages 24571
Total Visits 10512
Total KBytes 48074950
Total Unique Sites 5764
Total Unique URLs 1842
Total Unique Referrers 806
Total Unique User Agents 1842

1,000,000 hits per 365 days…


From November 12, 2009 to October 11, 2010 is that period wherein the one millionth hits per year was registered by WEBALIZER stats. Actually, it was 1,000,922 authenticated hits to this website. This is posted here for posterity.

(pat-on-the-back; pat-on-the -back)

This day was also the first time that Canada racked up more than 12,000 hits in 12 days and Rhea Santos came out first on the search lists.