Earthquake in the Philippines


HAH! Now do you believe me when I say that the seas are trying to reclaim the land?

How much more oil do we have to take out of the ground before the world turns into a ball of water?

The Theory of Relativity

I am waiting for something to arrive. If it does not, it never will, No sense waiting for it again. So to while away the time I will write on something simple and easy.


The  Theory of Relativity



If you must know, this theory is something we all know but are unable to explain. I am not referring to that theory wherein conflicts arise when relatives are strung around the death bed of their wealthy scion. THAT theory is something we all know and are able to explain, simply and easily.


I am about to explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (another gulp) in a way that the simple folk,  like me, will be able to understand it the way I do. This may not mean my explanation would be satisfactory, because I do not understand the theory myself. Well, here goes nothing——


 The speed of light, c, is 186,282 miles per second (that is blasted fast!) for all massless particles.


Enter now the famous equation that gave Albert Einstein the title of Man of the Century:


   E = m c 2


where  E represents energy

M represents mass

 C represents the speed of light

This, however, to me is more of an equivalent, not an equation.


NOW, por ejemplo—

Let  poutin be a bowl of French fries with gravy

$1.85 be the price of this bowl of poutin


Then, $1.85 = poutin


2 X $1.85 will give you 2 X poutin, 3 X will give you 3 X, and so forth


BUT  GET  THIS—you can’t have both the $1.85 and the bowl of French fries.

You have to exchange your $1.85 for the bowl of French fries.

Conversely, if you did not buy the poutin you will still have the $1.85.


So, on that equation, zero $1.85 will give you poutin , right?

And also, zero poutin will give you $1.85.


By analogy and in Einstein’s theory, E = m c 2 , Energy is equivalent to mass. Or as we say it Energy is another form of mass, and is convertible to mass. But you can’t have both. Either you have energy or its other form, mass. Zero mass will give you the energy. And zero energy will give you the mass.

 In that equivalence, therefore, Energy exists when mass is zero (massless) and the limiting factor is the speed of light. Consequently, the theory exists that as a body travels closer to the speed of light, his form becomes thinner and thinner until he disappears and probably turns to energy.

Another way of putting it is by considering water and its various forms. Ice, solid water, when heated turns to liquid water, and when water is heated, it turns to gaseous steam. These are the three forms of water, the limiting factor here is, however, the temperature.


Matter, which has mass, is therefore another form of energy. Both are convertible to the other. The complete destruction of matter, as in the atom bomb, liberates a lot of energy.

 It should follow, therefore, that to create matter (with its mass) it would require lots and lots of energy. Perhaps like in the Big Bang?

 But how does frequency get into this scientific goobledygook? Remember the frequency factor I wrote about before this?


Seniors’ discounts

Tremendous applause welcomes the Senior Citizens’ discounts. But it is still not enough for the Seniors’ Benefits. It is a great gesture, though, and a lasting legacy.

No state of emergency for all Mindanao. People get scared under this situation. It can be attained without declaring it, anyway. There are limits of the state of emergency which can be explored. The Army must be that knowledgeable, though.

The water lies underneath your feet. Dig wells. These should not require too much depth to reach water. It may even flow up by itself and pumps may not be required at all.

Why else would water flow from artesian wells naturally even if these wells are situated above the level of the rivers? As if there were underground aqueducts.

Either that or water would be trucked in from the lakes!


Re-use the water. Store your bath water for tomorrow’s bath!

Don’t flush the pee if it is somewhat clear! 36_1_13


Water, water

There is water all around the Philippines,

but not around where it is needed.

The DA is again caught with their pants down.

They could have had the foresight of digging wells all over strategic places in the country with permanently built water pump stations. Why would the DA keep trying to achieve self-sufficiency in food for the country by just relying on importations. Why can’t they think of something positive for a change.