Vladimir Putin

Putin Interview Part 4


Did Russia hack the presidential elections?

Putin Interview Part 4.mp4

Stephen F. Cohen



(precisely my sentiments)


Vladimir Putin

Man On The Spot


It appears that his success in sterilizing Russia’s borders

of terrorists has been overshadowed by

the existence of terrorists

right on his doorstep, Dagestan.

Vladimir Putin


Either he knows something that we don’t,

or we know something that he doesn’t.

He must do something to keep trouble away from his borders

and at the same time keep the Americans busy.

Anyway, his arsenal is full

and the arms are gathering rust.

His resistance to the Western actions

has gained him stature on his side of the Ocean.


Riling The United States


Now what would get the United States all fired up on the Egyptian crisis?

It would be Vladimir Putin arming the Muslim Brotherhood!