The Wall

I had the occasion to suggest, indirectly,

 a wall be built

 surrounding Israel.

It was built.

I do recommend a wall be built

on the US-Mexican border.

A different wall this should be.

It will be a paper wall,

or a wall formed by visas and passports

and migrant application to the US

filed in American embassies

located in Mexico.

The screening of new migrants  will be done

via paper work.

The most it could take the form of a solid wall

is that it will be a barbed wire fence.

The Israeli wall is solid and high

because it would offer protection

against Palestinian rockets


rpg missiles lobbed over the wall.

Notice that both solid and paper walls are

legal and legitimate

and should not be met with anger and disdain.

The media portrayed the Mexican wall as a prison wall,

hence the anger and disdain of the Mexicans.

Diplomatic War

After it was discovered that some Mexicans entered Canada by making false refugee declarations, the Canadian Immigration imposed some requirements on visas to Mexicans.

A refugee status  provides the Mexicans with some money coming from the Canadian taxpayers.

As a reaction, Mexico imposed its own visa requirements towards Canadians. Diplomats from Canada now will have to apply for Mexican visas before they can enter Mexico.