vindicating the FBI

The Mueller Trap

An interview with Mueller?

it’s a trap!

Knowing Trump

he can get entrapped

just by opening his trap!

If Mueller has nothing against him

Mueller certainly will try to get something

from an interview.

If Mueller is trying to save face

then let him talk to Trump’s lawyers.

Or perhaps Mueller is trying to intimidate him

with something he knows about

Trump’s private life.

After all, Mueller uses FBI methods

to control all situations.

If there be an interview

then Trump should be the one

to ask the questions,

not Mueller.

Don’t trust Mueller.

He wants to vindicate

the FBI.

Trump should know by now

what the whole FBI agency

has on him!

Both good and bad!

Mueller is just trying to prove

that he is not inutile.

Remember also that he may not have

the mandate to investigate!