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Via Rollers


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Montreal In Winter





A robot is obsessed to be to be humanized.


Cats in Theaters



NYC in Three Words


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Some Other Way


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Colors of Evil



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Dive (in a pool)




My hunch is that this video, which was uploaded to VIMEO, was padded to include the irrelevant scenes like the ring, and the tied pool owner, plus the irrelevant parking valet.

Clearly the main video capture was centered on the dive and the excellent underwater footege.

I could have made it so that there would be only two characters in the video, the diver and the housemaid. I would have shown the diver hastily parking her car beside the house amidst the “no parking” sign, climb the wall, strip and dive in the pool. With sounds of the cleaning lady opening the gate to enter, the diver would hastily climb out from the wall and drive off still in her bathing suit, with the cleaning lady looking at her speeding away. But then again, this project must have had extra people standing by to be in the picture.

Thanks Mom