US lacks uranium

The Need For Uranium

U235, when refined to fissionable material

with critical mass

is what America is now short of.

Remember that Clinton and company

sold this material to somewhere outside the country?

Trump now wants to re-start the AEC processing plant.

The fissionable material loaded in the icbms

has now gone past the afterlife

and may not be able to start a fission.

The American icbms are now duds.

They have to be reloaded with invigorated payload.

Trump needs uranium for further nuclearization.

But this AE commission is now in dire need of Uranium.

Where can they get this?

North Korea is where there is and

already in bomb-loading form.

This U235 is also in Iran

where a couple more stages of refinement

will produce the material in mercantile form.

Canada is also mining uranium

and is loaded with experts onĀ 

nuclear reactors.

Canada has not been known to produce a bomb

but it markets the material.

China and Russia would have uranium,

so does Ukraine, if it has not sold them

together with the icbm’s.

Now how would the brownshirts acquire them?

Wait and see

my wall leaks are still listening.