ugly american

Bullying the North Koreans

Telling the North Koreans to smarten up before

going to the negotiation table

is one great mistake that was made.

This is made under the presumption

that North Korea is already beaten

from the ensuing starving sanctions.

The Americans have another think coming.

The presumption that China will go all the way

in sanctioning North Korea is another big mistake.

China will only go that far.

The reasons are obvious.

And that Yalu River will be a big factor in this.

Plus  a long Russian railway.

North Korea will have its nuclear capability.

And while this capability was only meant

  to gain international prestige before,

it will now be trained on American cities,

ONLY American cities.

When has it ever been that the Americans

did not bully the Asians?

Treat the North Koreans as equals

if you want them to negotiate,

otherwise keep asking the whole world

to be with you when you bully them.