Trump At Odds With The Pope

Suddenly the wind shifts

and this will not be good for somebody we know.

The Pope is infallible

when he speaks ex cathedra.

And he will not surrender one iota of dogma.

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

Render unto Trump what is Trump’s.

The Pope’s words are not commands.

Rather these are pastoral in nature.

The ones most guilty

are usually the ones most affected.

Whether they be Christians, or non-Christians.

Battle of the CEO’s

With both Trump and  Fiorina on top of the polls,

what is now looming

is a battle for

Chairman of the Board.

THE US Republican Nomination Debate

This one was entertaining.

Donald Trump made it so,

making faces,

commandeering more time than anybody else.

I can’t say who won.

This would be a matter of opinion.

But my opinion would agree

with anybody who says

Donald trump was again prominent,

He stands out!

Donald Trump Tops The Polls

Donald, the man I said just might be the Republican’s

Trump Card, is topping the polls.

Don’t ask  me why because I am about to tell you now.

Donald Trump represents whom we would like to be

doing what we want to do.

We would like very much to say things

without fear of losing anything.

And this thing about John McCain not being a war hero?

Think about it this way:

One does not become a war hero for just being a POW!

They don’t get medals and citations for

just being captured.

You may get a medal for being wounded

but not for being captured!

Anyway, does John McCain claim to be a hero?