To go or not to go

To Each His Own

The Wild Rose must remain

with the sun and the rain

or its lovely promise won’t come true.

To Each His Own

I found my own

and my own is mine.

If a flame is to grow

there must be some fuel

To open each door there’s a key

I need you I know

I can’t let you go

your oil means too much to me.

More lips must insist

that you cannot wexit,

(ah heck! you know what it’s meant).

SOCHI, To Go Or Not To Go….

For those who have not yet decided whether to go to Sochi or not, don’t fret…….this has already been decided for you.

Remember the post when I wrote that time is a series of snapshots? Well, if one of the snapshots show that you were in Sochi, then you will be in Sochi whether you like it or not. If you were not in the snapshots of Sochi, then you were not there.

You may find yourself not wanting to go there, but then your feet compels you to go there, so there you go.

When you gotta go, you gotta go!