to be desirable

The Truth About Women

Now my aim is not to debase younger girls

nor degrade older women.

On the contrary,

if not for the truth about women,

men will be lost.

For it is this about women

that keeps the men aligned

and the world a-spinning.

I am not referring to sexual urges

nor human attraction,

nor any biological affinities.

I am talking about the reason why older women

make that much ado about primping themselves up,

making themselves more attractive,

and doing mostly secretive things to be noticed.

I am talking about the reason why

teenage girls would most like to be defrocked.

The reason is not lust nor sexual desire.

It is about assuring themselves

that they are desirable.

They consider themselves undesirable

if at 19 they are still a virgin.

More so when they get older,

they do not want to realize

that they have lost it.

Hence the public announcement that

at some time in the past

they have been harassed sexually

by an important person.

Such a piece of Newsbit would be exhilarating

at the next womens club meetings!

(OK, you can throw the pans at me now

as I am already running off to escape

your ire!)

(don’t worry ladies, I confess that I never coulda dun it witout ya!)