Think Of It This Way

Finders Keepers

Donald Trump would not accept the underwater drone

that the Chinese seized from the South China Sea

and is now returning it.

Smart decision.


Think of the implications if the US accepted their drone.

Now think of the more powerful international implications

if the US refused to accept.

If you still don’t get it,

try not to think American,

think Oriental instead!

If you still don’t get it.

You’re hopeless.

Multiple-Registered Voters


I did say the COMELEC was on a power trip when it set down more tangential election rules.

Now it has become paranoid when they start to shake in their boots upon realizing that there are millions of multiple-registered voters.

I say they should allay their fears and scratch down the athlete’s foot in their feet first before the shake.

These multiple-registered voters can vote only once! Isn’t this what the indelible ink on the finger is supposed to ensure?

Besides, a simple computer program could polish the national voters’ List to come up with a filtered version. Why, even a student in programming who knows how to program in basic can make a program that can do this. It won’t take a week to screen out these multiple registrants when this program is used.

Por ejemplo, (whatever that means), the program sorts out one name, Aaron B. Abacer. It then looks to the next name in Alpha order and comes across another name, Abacer, Aaron B., sorts out the same identical name and compares the rest of the data like so :

The program asks, do these two names have similar middle names such as B. for Baraco?

If so, do they have similar Dates of Birth? Same Birthplace, Same mother? Same father? Same sex? Same occupation? Same wife?

If any three of these items (forget the wife item) are similar, then the computer transfers this name to another ‘quarantined’ file called ‘duplicated registrants’, and so forth and so on. Of course, only that name with the latest registration date will remain on the ‘active’ file.

The same program will also sort out the registrants according to dates of birth,  or fathers, or mothers ,or birthplaces, or wives, ay forget the wives na lang. Magkakagulo pa!

(Simple lang yan! Hindi dapat ipangamba! Para kasi kayong iniihan ng pusa habang lumalapit na ang eleksiyon!)

The COMELEC  people are starting to act as if they themselves do not believe in automation!