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(it’s not the colors that clash, i’ts the message)

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The Power of Words


Rex Murphy



former Premier of Alberta, Ralph Klein, is the only one who has given the residents of Alberta a piece of the oil revenue profits, about $400 per Albertan. Sad it is that the very same people who are close to his heart has failed to show gratitude to Ralph Klein. I would, if I could, cast a bell specially for Premier Ralph Klein.

Peter Mansbridge


Peter Mansbridge

(where does he get those ties?)

Egypt in Crisis







(all images and video clips are from CBC NEWS The National)


Peter Mansbridge

The grand old man,

or rather, The  Grand  Man of Canadian television

reportedly turned down a lucrative offer to move to an American network.


A strictly Canadian in both faith and principles,

he holds everybody’s respect

and there has been none to disrespect him.

This is not a plug. He needs no plugs.

He already cuts an imposing figure on the screen.


 I’ve been in Canada long enough to testify to this.

Facebook fraud

Scams on Facebook, sad it is to say, but—

Facebook Fraud