Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1

Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1

Playing the Third Movement of this concerto,

both Masleev and Trifonov displays

mastery of the ivory keys.

There is, however, a marked difference

in the results.

Can you spot the difference?




Song of Russia


Song of Russia1,mpg

Song of Russia2,mpg

Pianist Lang Lang live at Lincoln Center


Playing the piano Concerto No. 1 of Tchaikovsky,  Lang Lang wowed the audience at the Lincoln Live Center with his dexterity on the keyboard.

This piece, popularly called the Song of Russia, earned Van Cliburn the First prize at the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Russia.

Van Cliburn has a longer finger reach than Lang Lang, but the latter more than makes up for it by clever fingering of the keys. However, he seems to be in a hurry to finish some bars. As a result, the passion in the music gives way to pyrotechnics, and romanticism gives way to fireworks. His tempo is right on when he delivers the cadenzas. Still, the ‘feel’ of the Song of Russia seems to have been ignored.

Pianists like Sviatoslav Richter, Van Cliburn, and even the Chopinesque Artur Rubinstein would have made more endearing rendtions, sentiment-wise.

And then again, we have not yet considered Vladimir Horowitz.


Song of Russia 1.mpg

Song of Russia 2.mpg


And if you still do not understand what I just said, Heck!, it’s about time you did, eh?