Reduce Taxes for the Middle-Class?


Romney promised to reduce the taxes for the middle-class. Goodness, NO! This would be another busines mistake. It reduces the present revenue take!

Increase taxes for the wealthy? This mistake would be worse.

While the middle-class provides the braun to turn the wheels of industry, the wealthy provide those wheels. Without the cooperation of the elite, there would be none of these engines that anchor the economy.

I say keep the level of taxes for the middle-class, but remove some of the tax exemptions enjoyed by the rich.

And let the corporations shoulder more of health care insurance and seniors’ benefits. This should necessarily mean that the government regulate and control the BASIC health care and seniors’ benefits. There would be options to secure EXCLUSIVE and extra personal health car e(like breast implants) at the individual’s expense.

How can the middle-class help? Work harder for the same rate of pay. Be more qualified, and try not to lose the job.

(there is no such thing as a free ride for the middle class here. one has to be emloyed for a set length of hours first  to qualify for unemployment checks)

Of Tolls, Fees, and Taxes…

Webster defines TOLL as…a tax or fee paid for some liberty or privelege (as of passing over a highway or bridge); a compensation for services rendered; as a charge for a long-distance telephone call; or a charge for transportation.

If the toll for the SLEX is for a tax to collect money to replace costs, then it cannot be taxed further.

If, however, the toll is for services rendered as in collecting money or cleaning and maintaing the highway, then the toll can be taxed. The services and maintenance adds value to the highway, and therefore a tax can be collected over the toll.