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Mpeg2 video and Windows 7


A very much disappointing, cantankerous move by Microsoft in Windows 7 updates.

The Service Pack 1, and the other Security updates for Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems removed the file extension .mpeg2.

This is a video format different from the Windows Media Player format. This being dropped from Windows 7 completely dismantles all the video players associated with mpeg2.

Such a move aims to immobilize the competition which are presently the better players in the market today.

The Windows Media Player opens video clips faster and can be used to stream video clips. But it has nothing that could edit the videos like all the other players do.

The Microsoft Media softwares have lots to be improved upon.

My advice is do not  download and install Windows 7 Service Pack 1. If you did already, go to System Restore and bring back your OS to what it was before the installation of Windows Service Pack 1

What a mess it made! Two of my desktops are still down, needing to clear the rams, too!

Firewall Restored…

YUP! The XP Pro is back. The ESET Antivirus could not proceed because some files were missing, (Ngek!). It was working before!

Anyway, I just used the System Restore from the System Restore point I created. It is always a good habit to create a system restore point everytime you believe that your computer is working good. You never can tell.

But let us see what else will come up, and out!

FYI, the antivirus softwares will come down drastically in price within the next week. Norton 360 is already on sale at half the price of $54.95. Other manufactureres may follow suit. Anyway, their 2011 softwares may already be out on the ,market, eh?