New Russian Problem


And so as I said they would

the Kurds switched to the side of Assad.

This poses a problem for the Russians,

not the UN.

Turkey would like to buy Russian fighter jets

to augment its missiles.

The Kurds would like to be re-equipped

with Russian heavier weapons to replace

the American-made arms.

Since the Kurds will form a buffer for Syria against Turkey,

and Turkey would get rid of the Kurds’ irritating border mischiefs,

and The Kurds will have a more than permanent settlement,

Russia will be patron of all these endeavors.

The result will, of course, effectively eliminate the

American presence in the region.

But then again, what I have just said

has yet to happen, no?

Syria Up Front


Syria Up Front.mp4

29,000 hits

29,080 unique hits in 20 hours top this month’s record

and may surpass the record for

June of this year,

29,256 hits.

Putin’s 30 minute speech on Syria

and the writeup on Nyoy Volante’s

(Volante-Whitney Houston)

are the record breakers.

(450,839 total hits for June, 2,099,951 hits this year)

The Jews Strike


Jewish Strike.mp4

There has been a lot of conflict going on, namely; Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Palestine.

Israel start the operation to punish the Palestinians for something we have yet to understand.

The Islamic war  is spreading in Iraq, the West still tries to disestablish Assad’s rule, and Kiev continues the Russian thorn in East Ukraine.

From all these, it just might be that the protagonists are simply vying for the American attention for arms and the like.

Bashar Al-Assad Re-elected

This is our duty, we can’t allow people from outside the  country to decide for us. Our duty is to vote – or order to  protect our country,” Usam Hammami, a resident in the  capital Damascus, told RT’s Maria Finoshina

This statement is the general truth and the basis of what the people of the world feels and will fight for.

And this is why Bashar Al-Assad got re-elected as Syrian President against western military opposition.


This result proves the ill consequences of western motives to disestablish the regimes of those in opposition to what is generally believed.

I say again : there are a whole lot of people in this world that do not live the way America does.

And these people should not be cowed to adapt to the American way of life.

Heck! There are a lot of people in this world who will say no, and convincingly at that.

This is the year of secession, of people who do not conform, of people who push back.

Heck, NO we won’t go!

Bizarre Foods : Syria



Bizarre Foods Syria.mkv


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The Common Sense Speech


The common sense speech of Secretary of State John Kerry just might spell the turning point in the Syrian Crisis.

This is under the light of Assad’s failure to show some significant effort to prove that his government did not use toxic gas on the Syrian citizens.



John Kerry.mpg

The Syrian Gas


A poisonous gas caused damage to the people of some Syrian town.

Who dunnit?

The firstt suspect would be the Syrian government of Assad.

If this be so that the Assad government is the only source of the gas, then why would the Syrian government of Assad spread the gas? Mea Culpa?

Where is the logic behind it?



Toxic Gas.mpg


Syria and the EU


EU and Syria.mpg

This will be a dramatic interplay of diplomacy between Russia, the Middle East, and the Eu, with Turkey caught in-between. A movement of arms from various sides may come after this.

If these Russians will use Lebanon as the transfer route for the weaponry, the Syrian rebels will then aim to plug this hole. There might be considerable conflicts in warring groups within Lebanon.

Whatever it is, the rebels seem to be following strict military lessons in warfare.

The main excuse for the Russian arms shipment is that they are just filling out an order as was contracted upon earlier.

Probably the best display of force that the US may do is strengthen the drone and patriot missile umbrella of Israel. This should also reassure Israel.

Civil War


Civil War.mpg

Koffi Annan on Syria

Koffi Annan.mpg

Turkey Retaliates


Turkey hits back with its own shelling of Syria.

Syrian shells have been raining on some parts of the Syrian-Turkish border, particularly om that area where Syrian refugees congregate en masse.

Now why would Syria, with not much firepower and manpower to boot, provoke Turkey which has a large NATO army?

Syria may probably be trying to disrupt whatever there are of supply lines which are trickling down from a lane in Turkey. This supply line may look somewhat like the Ho Chi Minh Trail in the Vietnam War. The difference is that the Americans refrain from bombing the Ho Ch Minh Trail when it zigzags closer to civilians. Syrian gunners, on the other hand, ignores the fact that the supply line is close to civilians and target it just the xame.

And so begins the conflict between Turkey and Syria, and NATO will be forced to show its hand.

This will keep the West busy and less attention will be focused on Iran.




Lebanon, Syria, and Iran—-history notes say that these three countries

have , in one way or another, good reciprocated relationships with the U.S.

These ties were broken with their territorial

onslaughts against israel.

The binds that tie these  three Islamic countries together

are now being reinforced

by the unique events in Syria.

A good revelation about this is that

these trio of countries

will probably be the only ones who can

decipher and explain

what the real situation is in Syria.

Nato’s Involvement in Syria


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Browse the internet for this name. He also has a facebook account.


NATO involved in Syria

05.09.2012 20:07


Shocking new reports have appeared about the active involvement of operationals from NATO countries in the Syrian conflict, training and aiding terrorist combat units and directing murderous strikes against Government forces. The reports, if true, mean that the NATO leaders are liars when they claim aid to the Syrian terrorists is non-belligerent.

The report is written by Italian journalist Achille Lollo, correcpondent of the publication Brasil de Fato, and editor of the TV programme Informative Quadrant “Quadrante Informativo”. His research, involving the study of reports in several international publications, points towards the direct involvement of NATO operationals in combat operations, siding with the terrorists in confrontation with the Syrian authorities.

The reports are in the British publication The Sunday Times, the German Bild am Sonntag and the French radio programme Bfmtv-Rmc, which revealed that the British, German and French governments have authorised the deployment of special forces to the combat zones to support the FSA terrorist forces, aided by Qatar which is paying 10,000 USD a month for the dessertion of a regular soldier and up to 100,000 USD for senior officers.

The Sunday Times report claims that special operations forces are actively enganed in monitoring and providing advice in terrorist strikes against Government forces. Not only this, it goes further: British special forces directed and participated in a murderous ambush against the Syrian regular army; British, French and German weapons stored in the NATO base in Benghazi, Libya, are being ferried to Adana, Turkey, a NATO base used as a command centre for the FSA terrorist forces.

This is William Hague’s “non-combat aid”? Where is the public outcry in the UK? Where is the investigation in Parliament? Where are the political heads of Cameron and Hague for involving the United Kingdom in an illegal act of international terrorism, breach of the UN Charter by taking sides in an internal conflict outside the auspices of the UNSC?

This being the case, Cameron’s Britain has become a terrorist state, an outlaw and a pariah in the international community. This is what Britain stands for today. After the most disgusting attack on the sovereign Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, in which NATO weaponry was turned against the water supply and electricity grid, now we have active engagement inside Syria.

The response from the authorities? “We do not comment on special forces operations”. One can almost hear the smugness in the self-satisfied chortle in Whitehall.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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Hillary In Japan




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Syrian Conflict


Russia keeps holding back the UN action against Assad by using its veto. It also keeps providing Syria with weapons and ammo.

Isn’t it about time when  someone should ask Russia why?