Teachers’ Paranoia

Whoa! Wettaminit! Teka muna, teka muna….I was not referring to 80,000 IT personnel deputized as COMELEC surrogates. This would place 1 IT personnel for every voting precint. This would not only be extravagant, but it will create confusion. The COMELEC will be handling the logistics  not only for the teachers but for this 80,000-man army as well. This is a no-no! And  what would this IT personnel be assigned to do?  Why,  just  to hold the hands of teachers who happened to be terrified of high tech.

No offense meant to the teachers, but while they are known to handle the computer keyboards well, they are also known to panic when they make mistakes. But this automated system will be as simple as pie. In truth, operating these machines are lots, lots simpler than operating the checkout registers in a grocery store.

OBSERVE: The cashier in a grocery store must operate a scale to determine the weight of an item, plus a scanner to scan the bar code, plus a visa or debit card reader, plus discount coupon readers, plus the cash register, and deal out change.

The teachers’ time in this automated elections would be concentrated mostly on the validation of the voters, and this procedure is easily done by scanning the voters’ cards and thumb print. The machines will do the verification. Afterwards the teachers will give the voter a ballot wherein they enter their choices. All the teachers will have to do is accept the completed ballot and run this through a scanner in front of the voter. That’s it! Next voter, please.

It is really very simple, just like peeling boiled peanuts on the shell!

The teachers are just paranoid, as if they are expected to fly a plane the first time around. COMELEC should start orienting some of them now for the hands on experience. Teach them how to use keys like escape, backspace, delete, and restart. This is similar to letting them touch the horse before they ride it. And we do not need special tutors to teach them this.