Problems and Solutions, Japan

My crystal ball uttered these words : Japan, cars, Sakhalin, Crimea, oil

I  also said that each one of these is both problem and solution.

Hokay, Japan is not a problem, but it HAS a problem. It is with its cars.

Its cars, however, are not problematic by themselves. In reality, Japan’s  problem with its cars is that they are so popular that the tariffs imposed on them by a foreign country is a little too big. The taxes on them are also getting a little unbearable because competition is getting too close to surmount.

Crimea is its solution. This region is the inroad to Russia and Ukraine, and that part of the world which has only Lada as the common model of cars to own. Now Crimea, as I foresee it, would be a free trade zone in the future, with infrastructures, fast food restaurants, theaters, and the like. A bridge to the Mainland Russia is about to be built. And before Crimea opens up ti the world, my guess is that there will be an international expo or even a car show. The problem that Crimea presents is merely the time that it will open its doors to the international world.

Japan should get into this Crimean world, not merely as a car distributor but as an investor or a business partner with the Russian Federation. They should think about it. Japan will have the opportunity to own part of the business in the oil explorations of Russia. These explorations are huge, extending from the Arctic to Astrakhan. Japan would no longer worry about a steady supply of oil, or that commodity which they fought a World War for, and got hit with two atom bombs as a consequence.

Sakhalin is a thorn in the relationship with Russia. Both claim ownership of the island. A compromise could be met regarding Sakhalin. Russia could build a base on the north side of Sakhalin, whether this base be an air base or a naval base. Japan would build hotels and restaurants on the south side for the rest and recreation of the troops in the base. Japan would then sport its most powerful weapons—the Sushi, the Sapporo, and the Mishima steak. Of course the Mishima steak, or the most expensive steak in the world,  would come from the Mishima beef, which would come from cows grown on the island called Mishima. Which means that Japan would start an expansive agriculture in South Sakhalin, even as Russia would start an expansive nuclear submarine base in the North.

But there’s a catch to this. Japan must help in the development of the Russian auto industry and buy into the oil development as a stockholder,

A cool benefit of this idea is that Japan would be free of whatever contribution it has to ante up to the IMF for the bailout of Ukraine. Plus, a whole lot of Japan’s problems would be solved if it invests in the Russian enterprise, instead.

Good, eh?