spoiled brat


Gee, but it’s great

after staying up late

walking cry baby back home.

Owls go by and they give me the aye

walking cry baby back home.

And of course,

Trump cancels his signature

on the communique


Trump is making America First, alright—

first to be isolated.

The Trump Sting

 In the upcoming G6+1 Summit

the G6 members should expect that Trump

will announce the temporarily suspension

of the tariffs that he imposed.

He should not be trusted, though,

as he is not a man of his word.

Beware of Trump

bearing crumbs

There is no concession that each of the G6 members

can concede that is justifiable

and that is not appear like giving in

to a spoiled brat.

The Nafta stays as is,

otherwise it is cancelled

as there is no such thing as free trade

laced with tariffs.

By now the spoiled brat has learned a lesson in foreign trade.

Each move to change any deal has to have

a comprehensive study of 

profit, prices, politics and people.

To have a balance of trade with the other countries,

America must first produce exports that are palatable

to the other countries.

Steel and aluminum, for instance,

America should produce these more than what it needs

at the same time with a competitive price.

If not, America will import more

than what it exports,

thus the American trade deficit.

This is no fault of the other countries.

What does Trump do instead—

get the other countries

to solve this problem for him.

if his brown-shirted brigade would admit failure,

they should ask me for the solution—

I am not a spoiled brat

and I will tell them how—


Right now the brown-shirted brigade have 

put the country in a situation which is

drowning in debt

with an undervalued money to pay for it!.