Land Titles for WetSuweten Band

This is good for both the Band and for BC.

Land titles give sovereignty

and sovereignty provides authority.

So now this band controls what happens

to the area that the titles encompass.

But only on the area covered by the title.

The boundaries are definite and specified.

The oil companies will now have to ask permission

or negotiate with the band before any pipelines

are laid down or any oil well is drilled.

They can also tell the RCMP to bug off their land.

The ladies can now put up signs that say:

Bad looking RCMP’s are not allowed

Good looking RCMP’s will undergo

further negotiations first.

Of course,

the police patrol cars and the emergency vehicles

may be that busy when they are needed.

Also, the benefits of the land titles of the band

will not go to any other band

but the Wetsuweten band.

This land title will solve all the problems

about the pipeline and the RCMP

if the band uses it wisely.

Just follow the steps made by the Alberta Bands.

(now, do you believe me what I tell you?)


With the downing of a Russian Su-24 by the Turkish Air Force,

the killing of the pilot by small arms fire

as he parachuted down,

and the killing of a Russian marine

attempting the rescue in a helicopter,

Putin describes these acts as a stab in the back,

knowing that the people who did this

were considered friendly allies.

All of a sudden, the terrified western countries,

members of the inutile NATO

pleaded for calm to descalate

the tension, saying that every country

has the right to defend its sovereignty.

What about Syria?

Does it not have the right to defend its sovereignty, too?

Didn’t just about everybody in the US-led

coalition enter Syria and Iraq

with invasion forces?

Who then decides which country has the right

to defend its sovereignty?

Doesn’t the United nations

consider Syria as a sovereign state

and Assad as its legitimate sovereign?

It is clear that the US-led coalition

has the obsession to shake the world

as it wants whenever it wants,

to dupe the world

the same way they’ve been duped.

The Bangsamoro State


The Milf’s proposal of giving up their cause of achieving sovereignty over some particular Morolands in exchange for the grant of a Bangsamoro State over the disputed regions received a counter-proposal from the Aquino Administration.

The Aquino administration naturally refused outright the formation of a Bangsamoro State which would be defined as a substate since the Philippines would still have overeignty over the Bangsamoro State.

A Bangsamoro substate would create more serious complications  further down the road, as no state would have a higher sovereginty state over it, hence a substate will be  a misinterpreted term.

Both the Milf and the Aquino administration are willing to negotiate a conclusion to the problem.

The crux of the problem is still the sovereignty over the lands in question. Perhaps a revision of the word “state”  would  provide the solution.

A Bangsamoro Territory perhaps?