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US Sets Up Rat Traps For Snowden

The CIA has allegedly started to stalk and kidnap Russian nationals all over the world.

This may sound funny but it is not.

They may try to swap these people for Snowden.

And may now call the stalks as traps for a rat!


Blacklisted From Internet Forum

The Internet Forum to be held in Sweden has blacklisted Snowden, Greenwald, Applebaum and Wikileaks.

How? Why?

Are these not the people who started it all?


Snowden on the NSA and the EU


17:12 GMT, Mar 8, 2014

The European Parliament has voted to formally invite former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden to provide official court testimony on NSA spying, in the face of overwhelming concern from conservative MEPs.

European conservatives seemed reluctant to pay full attention to the possibility of the hearing on Wednesday. The European People’s Party (EPP), which is a conglomerate of center-right parties, had displayed a great deal of concern over the possibility of inviting Snowden for a hearing, suggesting that he could potentially throw the transatlantic trade agreement with the US into disarray.

Snowden could give his testimony via video link in early January if he provides answers in time. On Thursday, it was decided that questions would be assembled for the whistleblower and forwarded to his lawyer. Approximately two questions from each political group will be put to Snowden.

“Snowden is due to give pre-recorded answers to questions posed by MEPs, with no opportunity for Members to challenge his assertions or cross-examine him. His appearance before the parliament’s ‘NSA inquiry’ could be as early as next week,” stated MEP James Holtum.

The move has incited criticism from those who claim an open platform is being provided to someone who has “handed terrorists an advantage,” according to conservative MEP Timothy Kirkhope, the justice and home affairs spokesman for European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR).

Labour MEP Claude Moraes commended the outcome of the vote, assuring that questions would be both rigorous and fair.

Among questions which will be put to Snowden will be “why he decided to reveal the information and the consequences and implications of his actions; questions around his current situation in Russia; questions around his opinion on the impact of his revelations on security, the intelligence services, and ‘the right to know’; questions around his opinions of where his revelations and allegations take the area of mass surveillance in the future,” Moraes told the Guardian.

Jan Philipp Albrecht, domestic and judicial spokesman for the Greens in the European Parliament, hailed the fact that Snowden could be consulted a “great success” for the European Parliament.

As the “central witness in the surveillance scandal…he is prepared to give testimony in front of the European Parliament,” he wrote in a blog post published last week.

‘We let technological capabilities dictate policies’

On Wednesday, Snowden received the top ‘Global Thinker’ award from Foreign Policy magazine. In a statement made in absentee, he apologized for having “a bit of passport trouble” which was hindering his material presence.

“We’ve learned that we’ve allowed technological capabilities to dictate policies and practices, rather than ensuring that our laws and values guide our technological capabilities,” he cautioned.

“Today we stand at the crossroads of policy, where parliaments and presidents on every continent are grappling with how to bring meaningful oversight to the darkest corners of our national security bureaucracies”
he said, adding that, “the stakes are high.”

Snowden’s revelations of vast domestic and international surveillance and data collection by the US have been making headlines since June. The NSA’s alleged spying on emails and tapping of phones of world leaders has provoked scandals between the US and a number of countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Snowden has been living in Russia since August, when he was granted temporary asylum status.

Snowden And The US War Strategies


Is Snowden helping Russia peek at US defense strategies?

This is very possible.

One-hundred percent sure if he can get the same equipment that he is familiar with.

I was going to bring this out but you guys pre-empted me.

But if what I am saying is true, some particular government should start changing its secret ways.

Or start studying the methods to counteract this equipment.

Transit Zone


Americans will be able to use the Russian airport transit zone if they travel to and from Russia by air, won’t they?

Snowden is using the media to apply for temporary asylum to Russia. The catch to it is that he has to go to the offices of Russian immigration, and he has to come out of the transit zone to do this. those who would smuggle immigration application forms to him would be an accessory.

Snowden must have mobility outside of the transit zone to effect an escape.

Snowden Lost?


They say that they don’t see Snowden.

There is no word from Snowden.

Are there people waiting with nets for him to show his head?

Chances are he is not in the transit zone of the Russian airport.

He may still be in the airport, though, waiting for the last moment to sprint to a plane.

Or in an underground bunker, somewhere close to the sea, (just kidding).

Questions : Did Russian intelligence asked the U.S. security to bundle the elder Tsarnaev back to Russia after the warning notices about Tsarnaev? Was any protocol broken before the bombing?


(naturally, to abide by nature’s calls, Snowden must be close to washroom amenities, eh?)

Citizen Without a Country…..


…..that’s what Edward Snowden is.

He is presently in a Russian airport transit zone which is a territory legitimately foreign to Russia.

He cannot move and he cannot be transported without legitimate papers.

So why doesn’t the U.S. send sherrifs  to pick him up? Some diplomatic rules are in the shelves preventing this action.

Ecuador will be risking a lot for giving him asylum papers because the U.S. will surely retaliate in one form or another. Ecuador has already given asylum to wikileaks founder, Assange. Probably some other country would give Snowden some papers to leave the Russian airport but he will ultimately land in Ecuador.

One big question is who is providing for his needs while in Russia?

Snowden A Spy?


NAH! I don’t think so! Not yet, anyway.

The one who leaked the NSA “secret” of the US tapping on its citizens’ communication may have supervised this surveillance, but he probabbly never was privy to the results of info collected. This should take some lengthy sorting out of the voluminous data captured each day.

His first public interview appears to be an advertisement of his resume, focused on his expertise as supervising the data collection agency hired by the US government. He has most likely seen the future of communications in that the communication companies involved will be converting to cloud computing, and he is moving out of his surveillance company before this happens.

Cloud computing is not exactly using the clouds to compute for you, but the effect is the same.  Consider a department store as an example:

The checkouts have terminals called point-of-sale terminals which are connected to a main computer in the backroom. This main computer holds the prices and records the transactions of each terminal. A daily printout is made from this main computer to serve as the report for each day. This report is sent by wire to the head office of the department store and is analyzed for prices and inventories.

At the start of the next day, this main computer downloads to each terminal the data to be used for that day. Notice that the main computer controls the store transactions and that the pos terminals hold its own copy of the transactions on record. This main computer and pos terminal configuration is the system by which is derived the voting poll system of modern day elections.

Now, cloud computing is simply moving the main computer functions to the head office computer, eliminating the data recording and collecting from each pos terminal. This transforms the pos terminals into mere entry keyboards and monitors, without the operating systems loaded in. This saves on money for the OS, hard drives, and man-hours involved. It also makes it easier to immunize from intrusions and surveillances.

My one question might be: what if some tornado carries away the data from the clouds? Just kidding!