Secured Smartmatic

More IT experts from the country are saying their piece.

So I say again to these hilaw IT experts who come into the picture of automation the first time around: Hey, I’m not with Smartmatic, and I have not observed these pcos machines up close, but from what I can watch from tv, I can deduce this much. Maybe it is high time they do….

1. It took 3 days to re-configure the memory cards whereas it took months to configure these same cards because the first burning involved the programming of the different candidates in the municipalities. The re-configuration took only three days because the purpose was merely to amend the lines. Also, it would be more convenient and faster to re-configure new CF cards to replace the old ones than to  recall the old cards and re-configure them and then send them back to then precints.

2. The digital signature of a pcos machine may include : the poll id (or id number that was assigned to it), the precint no. deployment, the password or mode of activation, the model no. of the machine, its make and serial number.

3. The CF card will contain the software (or what is called the source code) that will actually give instructions to operate the system or the OS, the operating log (or exactly what happens fr0m start time to end time), the positions of the shaded ovals and the number of times it was shaded (votes), and the operator signatures(BEI passwords entered).

4. The other CF card, or back up card, should contain the diagnostics and results of any trial run done on each machine, and is ignored after initialization of the machine.

5. Before the machine is used, it is initialized by the BEI. This zeroes out the totals on the CF card and prints out the initialized (zeroed out) totals of the candidates. If a new CF card is inserted at this point, a warning is given to initialize this new card, and zeroes it out again. This new card will not work if the source code it contains does not match the original source code, or the digital signature of the pcos fails to transfer to it.

6. A pcos machine which has not been initialized and does not bear a digital signature that match the pcos machine deployed will not be able to transmit totals. The machine will not be recognized by the automated network. And if it succeeds in getting recognized by the network, it will not be able to transmit its totals because the network will accept totals transmitted only once. This illegal pcos machine transmission will be considered redundant and will be ignored.

7.  The source code, or that which the “IT experts” have tried very hard to get is actually a product of intelligence, and as such, will be covered by copyright. They can look at several pages of it, but they cannot copy it. Ang kulit ninyo talaga!

8. It has been clear the minute the koala boy described how they could tamper with the system that he is unaware of the safeguards for this system. These safeguards can be improved upon using more sophisticated add-ons, but these add-ons would serve mostly to speed it up and add little to the security of the system. Besides these add-ons would jack the price up tremendously. The memory card system that the pcos incorporates should suffice for the Philippines.

Let us not forget, the present administration is to be credited with initiating the automated system of voting! Give credit where credit is due.

Merging corps.

I do not believe a corporation which is still in the merging stage, or in formation for this matter, can enter into a valid contract with the Comelec.

If the contract was signed before they completed the merge, or before they were given a license to operate, then this contract is not valid.


The Smartmatic Tim will have to undergo another application to provide automation machines for the 2010 elections. The capitalization is strict, being 60-40. Proof of bank deposits is required.