Shut up



NOW who is interfering?

Venezuela is Venezuela’s business.

Canada has nothing to do with Venezuela.

Leave it alone.

If Venezuelans live differently from Canada

then so be it.

Not all peoples live like Canadians.

And it is not right to get Canada promote

a regime change in Venezuela

just because it lives differently.

If the Venezuelans elect a President legitimately

so let this President preside over the Venezuelans.

I am sure the world will salute Canada for meddling.

I am also sure it will cost Canadian money

to secure this salute.

But  heck, what would Canadians benefit from

meddling in the affairs of Venezuela?

A pat on the head from the Americans?

Maduro  is  President-elect  of  Venezuela.

He is Venezuela’s problem.

He has not been deposed yet.

Only American money can depose him.

But the American coffers is dry.

It cannot even pay its government employees.

America is not now able to be

the conscience of the world.

It cannot anymore make another regime change.

So therefore,

Yankee Go Home

Canuck Shut Up!