The Clamor For Putin’s Approval

From out of the blue comes America

trumpetting the call to talk to Putin.

This is after blaming Putin for everything bad

that happens all over the world.

And after snubbing him in the last G7+1 summit

which putin attended

and which Putin had to dine alone

by himself.

Suddenly Trump becomes a very willing

and accommodating fan of Putin.

What for you may ask?

Putin now is the target

to become the next feather in Trump’s cap

or another trophy around his belt.

Putin will become the next stage prop

to skirt around the wall that the EU is

putting up against Trump.

Or a pin to tickle the rib of Xi Jing Ping.

Sad to foil him again.

Putin is riding the crest of a favorable international popularity

brought about by the Sochi Olympics and FIFA 2018.

Disarmament talks?


America leads Russia only on two things:

Aircraft carriers and drones.

Furthermore, Russia has now been successful

in solidifying his own international club

made up of mostly very progressive

and much populated countries

of Brazil. India, and China,

also Iran, Turkey and Syria.

Now tell me,

what would Putin want from America?

Russia has withstood American sanctions ever since

and has stood its ground amidst adverse 

Western propaganda

and unjustifiable denouncements.

And who would charm Putin,

the bully Bolton?


No way will Putin allow the US

to have a piece of Syria,

nor even talk about the Iran deal.

Trump now feels the initial pangs

of being alone and ostracized.

And Putin just might have the heart

to throw him a rope

to climb out of the hole

he has dug for himself.

Putin, like Kim Jong Un,

is not only smart.

He is also shrewd.

Like Kim Jong Un.

The Can of Worms

The Can of Worms


I am not about to talk about a can of beans. Worms wriggle and do not sizzle when thrown into a hot pot. Beans do sizzle and would taste exceptionally better when thrown in to make a dish called “pamplina’. A can of worms would be despicable to look at, more so when you touch the worms.  Fishermen use worms as bait. Nowadays, fishermen use flies, instead; not the ordinary buzzing flies that we know, but fabricated fish baits so named flies because when attached to fish hooks and pulled along the water, thy seem to fly.


The Can of Worms is therefore used here as a figure of speech to symbolize a trait or attitude which is despicable and yucky. But boy, that was a long intro. I must admit that I get so distracted that I never knew when I am supposed to stop.


The Can of worms may be present in the Philippine Government, its leaders, or in the army and its leaders. Let’s try the Army first. This is now a conglomeration of smart people dressed in smart uniforms who in the most inopportune of moments do not do smart things. Why? In this Army of the Philippines, there are too many chiefs and too few Indians. There are too many generals and too few soldiers. These generals get the shish-kebob while the soldiers get the skewers. The generals get the medals and the soldiers get the body bags. It is true, too, that when they get to be colonel, they practice more of political strategy than military strategy. It has never been different ever since, and nobody has ever tried to change this. Presidents come and Presidents go, but the worms wriggle on forever. It appears that the wriggles are not merely passed on as a practice, it is inherent to this army.


I did mention several times in this blog that the units go to the front as 5 o’clock warriors. I refer to their style of getting in by morning and getting out before dinnertime. Actually, the, problem is rations. They have to go back to camp by disengaging from the frontline. Not only this, equipment is hard to come by. I really hope the reason for this lack of equipment and military hardware is because the commander of the army, the C-in-C is simply paranoid and refuses to equip the army with some hardware that could provide further temptation to stage a coup.


With regards to the Mamasapano responsibility of command, the primary blame is pointing to the C-in-C. Whether he knows about the operation or not, whether he commanded it or not, whether he participated in the planning and execution or not, his is the responsibility. However, and this is the big however, the fact that the whole conglomeration of generals are at loggerheads with each other for one little reason or another. Pride, competition, struggle for favor, fight for extra remunerations and recruits, or for some petty little things as a larger ammunition depot , this army will never coalesce. To complicate matters, a unit, the PNP, or a police force which is national in scope and comprising similar numbers of units and men is treated as part of the army and is given field skirmish assignments. It would have helped if all the officers of the Army were trained in the same school. There would have been the spirit of camaraderie. Comes now the ever present jealousy and the consequent higher number of generals promoted to appease the different branches of the army. The strife for promotion and status has never been more apparent than when there are too many chiefs and too few Indians. Suxh a situation provides THE mitigating circumstance by which the blame of command responsibility shifts away from the C-in-C. In truth, the C-in-C does have little or none of the knowledge of planning a military operations much less get involved in them. He would be at the mercy of his generals who may, or may not, tell him exactly what the situation is. In other words, the C-in-C, this C-in-C, would not know what to do. He would have relied on his generals, instead.


There is nothing better to do for the generals. There is no war to keep their time and to speed up promotions. The Jebidah Force was an utter failure because of infidelity, and the Philippine government pertinently refrains from saturating Southern Mindanao with forts and camps. Such idle time is fatal to morale, and becomes a call to petty shenanigans.  Both soldiers and generals get into the act, whatever it is that they can make profit from. Weapons of all types suddenly disappear by theft or by selling or by smuggling. But there are other ways to secure profit from that region. BTW, have they ever publicized where the reward for Marwan’s killing went?


Who received the money?


Where from?


Was the pot shared?