Senator Cayetano

Endemically Democratic


A democratic government is one run for the people by the people and by these people who run the government, will go down, usually by graft and corruption, or more specifically by skimming from the coffers. This bad practice which is made legal by Congress is inherent in a democratic government. The temptation to steal from the coffers of the treasury is great, particularly when this is with the blessing of those who make the laws.

When the party that controls legislature is different from the party that runs the government, it is very difficult to have anything done. In fact, nothing may be done at all. If, however, the Legislature is of the same party as the Executive, everything and anything can be done, including the raid of the Treasury.

This man, a Senator in the Congress of the Republic of the Philippines, is airing out some particular practices in Congress that stinks to the high heavens. And even when it does stink, it is deemed by the lawmakers as legal. We will follow this man as he does air out this stink.