Saudi Arabia

Saudis React

Saudi Arabia has started doing air strikes on Yemeni Houthi.

Iran balks.

If the Saudis and the Iranians don’t,

their leaderships in the region may be jeopardized.

I surmise that the drop in oil prices

is somewhat due to the ISIS selling very cheap oil.

ISIS need funds asap for arms and provisions.

So they sell oil dirt cheap.

But who could the gun runners be?

IF NATO needs a target to justify its existence

why don’t they turn their guns on ISIS

instead of posturizing in Ukraine?

Saudi Arabia To Pick Up Slack


A new voice comes in on the Egyptian Conflict, that of Saudi Arabia. The leaders of the country promises to pick up the slack from the aid given by the United States.

If this is true, and if it materializes that Saudi Arabia did come to aid the Egyptians, then this would be the best thing that could happen to that region and the rest of the world.

A Saudi Arabian influence would be pacifying and would even lead to a leadership for all of the Imams of the world. This event could be called as the real Arab Spring.

Remember that Saudi Arabia is rich in oil and in muslim pilgrimages.



Syrian turmoil.mpg



The only country in the Middle East which is not in turmoil is Kuwait.

It is one of the countries that spends much of its oil revenues in socialized systems for its citizens.

Saudi Arabia, the center of Islam, now announces more socialized benefits to be given to its citizens.

The westernization of that region has now started. This is going to be a very slow process to complete. But it will eventually be completed.

It still amazes the people in that region why their countries have not risen to par with the  western countries when a lot of money from oil is raked in regularly.