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Sarah Galashan reports a heat wave on the West Coast.

Ay-yay! And I’m headed there today to attend a graduation.


Sarah Galashan


I may have the reason why she tops the chart.

And that is: she has a high-school face.

(looks like I made her day again)

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(I’m still trying to figure out what got her on top the charts)

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Shooting through to the top of the search chart for this site

is Sarah Galashan.


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Syria and the EU


EU and Syria.mpg

This will be a dramatic interplay of diplomacy between Russia, the Middle East, and the Eu, with Turkey caught in-between. A movement of arms from various sides may come after this.

If these Russians will use Lebanon as the transfer route for the weaponry, the Syrian rebels will then aim to plug this hole. There might be considerable conflicts in warring groups within Lebanon.

Whatever it is, the rebels seem to be following strict military lessons in warfare.

The main excuse for the Russian arms shipment is that they are just filling out an order as was contracted upon earlier.

Probably the best display of force that the US may do is strengthen the drone and patriot missile umbrella of Israel. This should also reassure Israel.

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West Texas Explosion


In a Texas town called West, near Waco, explosions rocked a fertilizer plant.


Sarah Galashan

Fertilizer Explosion1.mpg

Fertilizer Explosion2.mpg

Papal Odds


Papal Odds.mpg

Sarah Galashan


Amazing, after only three of her pics were uploaded here, she topped the  chart for searches before the fourth.

Sarah Galashan