Polarized World

Let me tell you about these sanctions against Russia again.

It has turned from prayer to polarizer.

The countries under sanctions by the US -EU

have started to band together,

further aligning themselves to beat the sanctions.

Even more so when Russia started banning

the imports of agricultural products coming from the West.

Now that should really hurt.

I believe that there will be a war involving import bans.

 Putin has started to throw his punches.


He has a headstart on Cuba, Africa, and the BRICS.

What’s more, he owns the NORTH.

(no import ban on spare parts?)

Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions

The word, repeated thusly, starts to become a litany; nay, more like a prayer.

The economy wizards and the finance gurus of the world can’t make up their minds.

So they issue warnings of disaster for both sanctioners and sanctionees.

Having done so, why don’t we just let the sanctions go forward

so we would see what happens afterwards.

Warnings of sanctions have now become idle threats,

not political, not military, not financial, but personal idle threats.

The world has become a playground for the heads of state,

who mark lines on the ground

which are invisible to all the others.

If sensibility suddenly overcomes these heads of state,

a sudden realization of the crux of their problems

would be two essential things

which are oil and water.

Sadly enough, these two things are immiscible.

And the only emulsifier to be found

is being stifled by animosity.

Let therefore the bullies of the world triumph

so that they may reap perpetual hatred from

and fear of those they ran over.

O Liberty,

what more crimes will be committed in thy name!


(angeles y serafines dicen sanctions, sanctions, sanctions!)

Ukrainian Elections


Don’t look now, but if a democratic election is attempted, it may start a civil war! Not one side will accept a rival win.

Right now, there will be no chance that Russians and Ukrainians will co-exist.

After this fiasco on the Ukrainian Gambit, there is no way that the US and the “international community” can save face. Asserting financial and sanction-clouts will just aggravate the situation. They miscalculated on the Russian expatriates pushing back, and Putin’s stance of patiently waiting for the US and its cohorts to get out of line.

The best solution, still to be tabled, is splitting Ukraine into East and West with borders clearly defined.


Diplomatic Resolution

By the term “diplomatic resolution” to Ukraine, does it include Crimea in the talks?

Does it waive aside all sanctions to all sides?

Does it involve the UN in the talks as arbitrator?

Does it involve Russia pledging money to help Ukraine who is against Russia?

Who or which countries will enforce the resolution?

Who would pay for Ukraine’s debt?

Does it require a democratic election?

Will it only end up on the split of Ukraine to East and West?



Sanctions, Visas, Etc.


The U.S. has resorted to the soft intimidation in the form of sanctions, and etc.

Isn’t it a little too early to give up in their diplomatic efforts?

What the US could have done is hold Ukrainian elections as fast as they could to legitimize the government.

Too late.  Holding an elections in Ukraine now would result to open conflagration between Russians and Ukrainians.

Up from this turmoil is arising the deep and more avid desire of Russo-Ukrainians to split the country into East and west Ukraine.

This avid desire to split from Ukraine may be irresistible because the Russians have the momentum.

Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions


These did not bring Cuba down to its knees.

Also Iran, and Syria.

But this would be detrimental to the US because, unwittingly, the EU would have began enmity feelings towards the US for butting in  on a backyard scuffle.

The EU would be more seriously affected from Russia’s backlash.

They really don’t know when to stop.


(well, they stopped me for a while)