SAF 44

The SAF Goat

General Getulio Napenas,

strategist and director of operations

for the elimination of Marwan,

internationally wanted bomb-maker,

now suffers for the success of the mission.


Da Goat.mpg

With the resulting collateral damage of 44 SAF soldiers,

his accomplishment of completing the mission

was overshadowed, and he has now been marked as

the one responsible for the massacre.

His plan was not defective as alleged in the reports,

but, if I might opine, it was a good plan

despite the lack of resources and armament at his disposal.

If one has to go back and read my first comments

immediately after the Mamasapano massacre came out

(specifically in the February 10 and 12 posts)

the prime requirement for the mission is SECRECY.

Napenas now confirms this paramanout importance of secrecy publicly.

 Past missions were ambushed when the mission was known to some particular

groups of people, including the military.

Such imposition of secrecy thus deprived the mission of

the needed support and backup from the rest of the Army.

But who is to blame for the massacre?

I would say that whole blasted kaboodle of people

who are entrusted to give orders and who could

have changed things around.

Yep, all those involved from the very top

to the very bottom of the command line.

General Napenas is,  of course,   given the blame

because he is the one who could have said “GO!”

Notice that his job of getting Marwan was successful

because there was complete secrecy imposed on the operation.

The plan was brilliant up to the minute that Marwan was slain.

And when the alert was sounded, it was too late,

and Marwan’s  camp  reacted only after Marwan was dead.

Now how could the SAF been detected?

How would I have planned it if I were Napenas?