Russian aid convoy.

Russian Aid Mistaken for Military Aid

The humanitarian aid to Ukraine sent by Russia is mistaken for military aid and as such may be attacked even when the convoy is under the auspices of Ukrainian security, OSCE, and the UN. Russian convoy2

Russian “military” convoy

The US, and Canada are irked that only Russia would give humanitarian aid to Ukraine and would do everything to downplay the convoy. These two countries should instead concentrate on providing aid to the country of Iraq whom they have given freely to the dogs.

Ukraine is of no use to Canada and theĀ US because this quagmire only transmits natural gas from Russia to Europe using pipelines. Its only produce are from agriculture. And even that comes mainly from Donetsk, Lugansk, and Crimea.

They have been misled by the CIA. This outfit gathers intelligence on the bases of political and military sources, and never from economy. The West will, of course, fabricate more lies to discredit the good Russian intentions.

It is amazing that the West has not blamed Russia for the ISIS formation. Perhaps we should wait until the West publicizes that Russia has supplied ISIS with weapons consisting of American armor and heavy weapons.