Rogue army in Ukraine

A Rogue Army

What I sense about the Ukrainian Army must be true. There are two separate armed forces, and one of them is a rogue army. This rogue army is more active in Donetsk and it does not inform the other army of what it is doing. This is the reason that one army can deny to the world that it did not commit such atrocities. They really have no idea of what the rogue army is doing.

Realizing that there is such a thing as a rogue army, Poroshenko had a mobilization law passed. This is his effort to overcome the rogue army with numbers at least. This mobilization will come too late. The coalition government has collapsed. The government budget has been exhausted by the expenditures for the rogue army.

As for EU and the US, a propaganda blitz has intensified in the effort to fish for something to pin the blame on Putin and Russia. This blitz would have backfired after the results of the black box and cockpit recorder analyses are publicized.


(kudos to Putin for ignoring the Kiev provocations)