Rimsky-Korsakov weaves a ballad to interpret

the “1001 and one Nights’

or more popularly named as “The Arabian Nights”.

This is a compilation of the stories titled Sinbad.

Alkladin, Ali baba, prince Kalender, and etc.

The main story goes that a woman, slated for execution,

narrated to the Caliph a captivating story each night.

As a result, the Caliph liked her tales so much that she

pardoned her and kept her as story-teller.

The woman’s name was Scheherazade,

and the tales are compiled and titled

“Arabian Nights.”

In this performance,

the violinist plays a theme to depict Scheherazade

as she begins another tale for the Caliph’s ears.

Visualize the Storm,the Young Prince and the Princess, and etc.




Maestro Alexander Bui


Also competing in the America’s Got Talent Contest, his latest performance of Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” virtually stripped his three judges down to the level of cultural ignoramuses. Such was their own term for it, “cultural ignoramuses.”

If they were a little on the high-brow side, they would have realized that Maestro Bui has done something like what virtuoso pianists have done—-transcribed Rimsky-Korsakov’s piece into something like jazz without missing a note or beat.

Pianists like Vladimir Horowitz have done this sort of thing by transcribing Franz Liszt’ Hungarian Rhapsody  No. 2  into a version that requires playing one theme of the same piece on the right hand while playing the other theme on the left.

OBSERVE: this is the original piece of “The Flight of the Bumblebee” as played by Geofrey Rush in the movie  “Shine”.

Flight of the Bumblebee.wmv

And this is Maestro Alexander Bui’s jazzy version :

The Bumblebee.wmv

Clearly, the judging was a far cry from what Simon Colwell could have done, and him forming the famous “Il Divo” group, and him being the producer of this particular Talent Show.

Or perhaps this particular talent that Maestro Alexander Bui has should find a better venue than this kind of a show.