retirement age

And Captain Mendoza’s Pension?

You asked about Captain Mendoza’s retirement pay?  This I’ll tell you—–

If a government requires a citizen to contribute to a pension, or a retirement fund,

it is required to give back this contribution to the citizen at the maturity date,

with interest, as if the contribution is banked to the government as life savings.


 GOD does not turn HIS back  on HIS COVENANT

even to people who did not do HIS bidding.

Captain Mendoza’s life savings is his.

Crime or no reviling crime,

nobody can take this away from him.

Not even GOD can take this away from him.


This is why I decry the contents of the IIRC Report.

Captain Mendoza’s beef was not directed to Mayor Lim, not to Gen. Magtibay, not to Noynoy, not to anybody else.

Certainly it was not against the Hongkong tourists(bless their innocent souls!)

His complaint (call this a prime beef) was primarily directed to the OMBUDSMAN who summarily took away his pension and his life savings.

By the blooming way, have we noticed that the Office of the Ombudsman has been acting lately as if it were the Fourth Branch of this blinking government?


Watch closely now the French people whose government is historically the most democratic in the world. It has been known to topple governments only days after it was installed. The French are now up in arms against the raising of the retirement age to one or two more years. This implies that before the people can get their pensions, they have to wait some more time, and contribute some more to the retirement fund.

While the government is still able to manipulate the benefits of the Employment Insurannce, or even the Health Insurance benefits, it should think thrice before manipulating the Retirement Fund.

Tampering with the people’s savings spells trouble for the government. It implies plunder by legal means!