The Tax On Carbon

The government imposes this tax to collect money

for, as declared, the purposes of reducing carbon emissions.

How they are going to do this reduction it fails to explain.

In other words, the government will still do some more planning

on how it will spend this tax money.

But since this tax money fills the coffers of the treasury

it could be spent on something else,

like compensation

to harassed RCMP women,

repeated payments to indigenous people

for whatever they  can think of

as government malfeasances towards them,

bailouts of banks and drowning corporations,

humanitarian aid

to those peoples who can fend for themselves,

and etc.

This government is spendthrift,

spending on just about anything

that does not benefit those who foot the bills—

referring to the taxpayers.

It should be known that these taxpayers

have nothing to do with the aforementioned malfeasances

and will not stand to benefit from this spending.

What is worse, the tax targets the heavy emitters,

like oil refineries and heavy industries.

Such an intention is coming close to stupidity.

These refineries and heavy industries will just pass the amount

of the carbon tax to the consumers,

again referring to the taxpayers.

So therefore, the tight-lipped purpose for the carbon tax

may now be declared:

that the object is to make the people exercise


Restraint from using things that would burn fossil fuels

such as passenger planes, cars, heating furnaces, stoves,

and etc.

People do not restrain themselves from doing things necessary.

And people will not pay for anything indefinite.

People will be penalized with the carbon tax.

The government will get medals for it.

Some will even get elected for it.