remake of presentation

Netanyahu Tries a Remake

Comes Netanyahu again pitching to spite Iran.

He wants us to believe that Mossad has just

finished gathering a whole library of documents

in one day

which was yesterday.

What he presented on TV was a remake

of what was presented before Obama’s staff

and which prompted the release of

Iran’s billions in exchange for the

supervision and examination of Iran’s

uranium refinement  methods.

It appears that Netanyahu,

and trump`s much-vaunted advisers,

are at a lost as to what to do with

the Iran Agreement.

Maybe they should stop and listen to outsiders.


whether Trump disregards

or renovates the Iran Agreement

is of no consequence.

Iran already has what it wanted the moment

the Agreement was consummated.

The money was secured.

It does not need to refine uranium again.

It could buy it when it needs it.

Iran is now busy installing its missile defense system.

Rebuilding Syria is also a priority.

Netanyahu is either paranoid

or need more money to build a capital.

One other thing to consider:

If the Iran Agreement is scrapped 

what will stop Iran from building nuclear weapons,

and what will stop Trump from scrapping other agreements