FBI Director Sacked!

YUP! Comey never knew what got him!

He only knew he lost his job

when he watched his tv set.

And again, Trump’s people blame him

before they find out why.

The reason can only be

that Comey did not do what he said he will do.

Comey must be gathering more info than is required of his project.

Information, the Americans will find out later, IS POWER.

Remember J. Edgar Hoover?

He held some Presidents under his will

because he owned some particular info about them.

The Americans should also remember that the FBI

has failed in some important events that the country had to suffer.

One of these is September 11.

The Americans should blame Trump on the results of his actions

and not on his decisions.

And maybe, they should once in a while give him some

applause for that which he did well.

As for international criticisms,

the Americans should not worry.

Trump has given the world the impression

that he can accomplish things without the tedious procedures

of asking permissions to act.

Forget about the weirdness in Trump.



Easing The tension


Perhaps if those troops facing the jittery Ukrainian troops will just sit down and eat their food, it will relax the tension on both sides.

No shots were fired, don’t believe anything, no shots were fired.

When will the UN Secretary General make an announcement?

Ukraine should stick to the agreements made with Russia before this confrontation.

What does Kerry mean Russia is not exhibiting the actions to merit a G8 member? Does he mean that Putin will leave his military bases unguarded? Like Benghazi?

Can’t he just put into his mind that Ukraine is a spat between neighbors, and this is none of his business.

If what the Americans would like to happen but does not happen, boy will they ever be red in the face! Not all the world lives the American way, you know?