A Free Hongkong?

The protesters cry out for a free Hongkong.

They originally called for a withdrawal of the Extradition Bill.

Now they call for freedom and independence.

They should better be attentive and re-learn Beijing’s laws.

What they are calling for may be tantamount to REBELLION.

And should there be evidence of foreign interference with weapons,

it may be considered as AGGRESSION. 

Just a warning.

The Hongkong policemen have acted with incomparable restraint,

having been trained by the British, and being held back by Beijing.

Using excessive force on the protesters

will just be doing what the protesters hope for.

The Hongkong policemen and the Beijing troops will just hold on

and wait till the funds of the protesters run out,

or the pro-Beijing  people fights back.

Whatever happens, either the zeal of the protesters

or their food supply runs out.

What for the protests?

the Extradition Bill has already been withdrawn!



Senator Trillanes


Senator Trillanes, Incarcerated.

For an administration that uses ‘People Power’ as a byword, it still continues to imprison duly-elected Senators, like Trillanes here.

The number of Filipinos that elected him as Senator would fill up the spaces in front of the Luneta Grandstand several times over. Now if THAT is not PEOPLE POWER I do not know what is in this democracy.

The term PEOPLE POWER has been maligned ever since it came out at EDSA. In fact, so many offenses have been done in its name that it has now become a sham, and shameful are the people that use this phrase to justify a cause.

Trillanes has been put in jail for what they call ‘rebellion’ wherein nobody was hurt, no hostage was taken, and the ‘rebels’ surrendered. That ‘rebellion’ was more like a protest, if you ask me. But why the harsh punishment. He was not doing anything more different than what Gringo Honasan did, nor Ponce Enrile, nor FVR. But what would make his actions different from what the nuns and the priests did? Is it because they did their ‘protests’ in the name of PEOPLE POWER? Does any protest have to start in EDSA before it becomes a ‘legal’ protest? If the only way to describe the term ‘PEOPLE POWER’ is a show of force on the streets, then what the hey are we going to the elections for?

Let me put it this way—-There just might be some elements of the Philippine Democratic Government that are not in deep accord with what Senator Trillanes has to say. Come to think of it, what was the ‘rebellion’ all about? He was not allowed to explain his motives. He was just clapped in jail. Now some elements are preventing him to do his duties as a Senator and attend the Senate meetings. What would they be afraid of? Most probably they are afraid of what Trillanes will say in a privilege speech as a Senator!

This should be interesting, referring to what Senator Trillanes would say.

I may have an idea of what he is going to say, and upon this note let me put it this way—what the Noynoy Administration will do after hearing what Senator Trillanes say in public will prove its sincerity in  making ‘Pagbabago’ and ‘ituloy ang paglalaban’!

 wizard1(It might be that I have to start consulting my crystal ball more often now)