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Putin Saddles Up His Cavalry

With the dismal failure of the American coalition

to handle the ISIS threat,

Putin orders his army to saddle up

and head for the intended base

at Syria.

The President of Russia, which has been maligned,

and bashed, sanctioned and ostracized by the G7,

falsely accused and maltreated by the press,

has now been subtlely requested to help

with the ISIs problem.

Putin is, of course, coming in as commander

of his own coalition,

not to be answerable to any other commander.

The legitimate government of Assad

which is actually fighting ISIS,

has been long under

the attempted regime change by the US.

Rebels were armed to topple Assad’s regime.

 Assad is falsely accused

of killing his own people and brutalizing his countrymen.

Assad has been duly re-elected by his people

and is ruling a properly installed parliamentary government.

To defeat the Isis,

the US must do away with its paranoia

against despots and stop arming people

to effect a regime change.

Hasn’t America done enough already to mess up the Middle East?

The much-vaunted NATO forces has not lifted a finger to stop ISIS.

It has to take their much-feared boogeyman that is Putin

to saddle up and confront the ISIS!

CHICKEN! (pok-pok-pokok!)

Ukraine Crisis

You are now looking at the precursors of

the truly exclusive European Club.

The continent of Europe has a history dotted with

conquerors and strong leaders,

more than any other continent in the world.

European peace

If this come to form

then it would have made NATO,

or what it stands for,  irrelevant.

(Formez  vos  bataillons!)

Ukraine Crisis

Another Pun-ny Joke

Have you ever noticed

that every time Kiev burps

America blames it on Putin

and his natural gas?


Putin On French Intervierw

Putin explains all on French TV.


Putin on French TV.mp4

Putin On Ukraine

Putin: Russia does not want to go back to language of

Kalashnikov rifle

Putin: Russia does not want to go back to language of Kalashnikov rifle. 52829.jpeg

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia does not plan to impose restrictions on the use of the Internet. The restrictions, he added, may touch only the propaganda of suicide and pedophilia.
“We do not have any limitations associated with the self-expression of a human being, related to the use of modern technologies for one’s own development, or for development of one’s own business,” Putin said at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum.
“The restrictions have been introduced, but what are they about? They are about the prohibition of the propaganda of pedophilia, child pornography, and the propaganda of methods of suicide. Excuse me, but legal systems of other countries are full of such restrictions, and this applies to Europe and the United States,” said Putin. Moreover, he said, such restrictions in those countries are much more stringent than in the Russian legislation.
Equating some bloggers to mass media complies with global trends in this area, and Russia simply closes loopholes in the law in this case, Putin said.

“This practice is used in European countries, in the UK and in Germany, the United States, and there is nothing unusual at this point. This is just a gap in our legislation that we are closing, and the application of these rules does not come contrary to world trends. Here, all is within the common trends,” Putin said, answering questions at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.
Russia has no plans to impose restrictions on the use of social networks, nor does it intend to criticize those who do it, Putin said. “First, we are not going to close anything. Secondly, we do not believe we have the right to criticize those who do it. In each case, there is a unique national aspect, and it is not up to us to judge what others do and how,” the Russian president said, answering the question whether Russia could indeed ban Facebook, Twitter and their Russian analogues.
“We plan to develop modern means of communication. And I hope that we will never return to the time when the primary means of communication was a Kalashnikov rifle,” said the president of the Russian Federation.
During the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Putin made it clear to all present that Russia was tired of the debate with NATO about the deployment of the missile defense system of the alliance in dangerous proximity to Russian strategic objects.
“We are tired of this form of debate – there’s no discussion,” Putin said.
The head of state pointed out that those, who committed a coup in Ukraine, do not want to talk to Russia. “Here are our thoughts. The next step is Ukraine in NATO. They never ask us about it, nor do they conduct a dialogue with us. As experience of the past two decades shows – there’s no dialogue, they only say – “none of your business, it doesn’t concern you,” Putin said.
According to him, the West can only assure Russia that the approach of NATO infrastructure to the  Russian borders was not directed against Russia.
“Tomorrow, Ukraine may join NATO, and in the next few days, elements of U.S. missile defense system may appear in Ukraine. No one ever talks to us on this subject,” concluded the president.
Vladimir Putin said that he had no idea about how the fate of Edward Snowden may evolve. He assured that the ex-CIA officer had not told anything to Russian security services.
“I do not even know. He is a young guy, I don’t know how he is going to live. I’m saying this without any jokes or irony. For the time being, he is here, but then what?” Putin said, answering questions at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.
“We only gave him shelter and that’s all. He is not our agent, he has not exposed any secrets to us. Bad guy, he could have shared something. We still gave him shelter, but he says nothing. He reveals his information through the channels that he knows, when he deems it necessary to publish something,” said Putin.
Putin added that if U.S. intelligence agencies had acted professionally, Edward Snowden would have been in prison a long time ago. “Why did they frighten the whole world? They frightened all countries. Snowden arrived at our transit zone, and then it turned out that nobody wanted to take him. If they hadn’t scared anyone, he would have flown somewhere, and they would have caught him on the way to another country. He’d be steaming in prison for a long time,” said Putin.
Putin continued: “They frightened everyone, he stayed with us in the transit area, and what do we do? Russia is not the country that delivers human rights defenders.”
According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, what happened in the Ukraine was a coup that led to chaos and civil war.
“Whatever you call it – a revolution, not a revolution – this is a coup, with the use of force and militants,” Putin said.
According to the president, one should be as accurate as possible when it comes to the institutions of emerging countries. “Otherwise, there will be chaos. And we can see it now in Ukraine,” he said.
“Why was it necessary to do all that, if Yanukovych agreed to everything?” Putin said.
“One should have gone to the polls, and the people, whom they have in power now,  would come to power, only legally. We, like idiots, would be paying 15 billion that we promised, keep low gas prices and continue to subsidize the economy of Ukraine further on,” said the president.
Putin said that Moscow was ready to work with the government formed after the presidential election in Ukraine.
“We are still working with the people, who control the power today, but after the election, we will certainly work with the newly elected bodies,” said the head of state, speaking at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.
Putin said Moscow would like to see peace in Ukraine. “We are interested in seeing peace, order and tranquility in our – I mean no irony here – brotherly country of Ukraine,” said the president.
Putin also said that Russia would respect the results of the presidential election in Ukraine. “We understand and see that the people in Ukraine want the country to come out of this protracted crisis. We also want, in the end, solace, and we will respect the choice of the Ukrainian people,” said Putin.

The Gazprom Deal




Putin Moves His Troops Further Back?

Now, do you believe me when I say that there are not 40,000 troops on the border?

And still the Americans do not believe that Putin moved further back. Actually, the troops were moved back weeks ago.

Perhaps they should fly those U-2’s more today. And if they find something, then SHOW THEM.

The satellites won’t show the troops, the U-2 will, and the US have been flying these over Russia ever since.

But Russia still has the missiles that had shot one of these planes down before. (The Blackbird is not that stealthy)

American intelligence now starts to scratch their heads trying to opine what Putin is trying to do when he favors a delay of the Eastern Ukrainian referendum.

They don’t realize that Putin is giving them a way out and save face at the same time. Pull back the Kiev troops because there is no visible threat of aggression.

It will also prove whether Putin has direct control over the protesters or none at all.

The main idea is to get the UN over there and prove or disprove whether the US and EU will follow international rules.

This will also force the US to talk to the pro-Russian protesters in a real dialogue, no-holds-barred,

kind of  lets Putin off the hook and become an essential third-party observer only.


Pull Back.mp4

(superlative thumbuppolitical savvy!)


Putin Starts Turning The Screw



Quotes from the Crimea Address


Top 10 powerful quotes from Putin’s historic Crimea address

Published time: March 19, 2014 19:33

Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the Federal Assembly, including State Duma deputies and members of the Federation Council, regional governors and civil society representatives, at the Kremlin in Moscow March 18, 2014. (Reuters / Sergei Ilnitsky / Pool)

In perhaps the most pivotal address of the post-Soviet era, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the West to cut the bull on two decades of double standards and put the Cold War to rest. Here are the top 10 moments from his barn-burning address.

When Putin welcomed the West to the concept of international law:

When Putin said that, despite the stereotype, it’s the West who’s acted like a bull…or bear… in a china shop:

“They are constantly trying to drive us into a corner because we have an independent position, because we maintain it and because we tell it like it is and don’t engage in hypocrisy. But there is a limit to everything. And with Ukraine, our Western partners have crossed the line, playing the bear and acting irresponsibly and unprofessionally.”

When Putin told the West to get over its Cold War hang ups:

“Today, it is imperative to end this hysteria, to refute the rhetoric of the Cold War and to accept the obvious fact: Russia is an independent, active participant in international affairs. Like other countries, it has its own national interests that need to be taken into account and respected.”

When Putin reminded the world Bush-era diplomacy was no way to behave in a civilized world:

“They act as they please: here and there, they use force against sovereign states, building coalitions based on the principle ‘If you are not with us, you are against us.’ To make this aggression look legitimate, they force the necessary resolutions from international organizations, and if for some reason this does not work, they simply ignore the UN Security Council and the UN overall.”

When Putin referenced his own NYT op-ed on American special brand of exceptionalism:

When Putin said NATO is welcome at the BBQ, but can’t set up camp in Russia’s back yard:

“NATO remains a military alliance, and we are against having a military alliance making itself at home right in our own backyard; in our historic territory. I simply cannot imagine that we would travel to Sevastopol to visit NATO sailors. Of course, most of them are wonderful guys, but it would be better to have them come and visit us, be our guests, rather than the other way round.”

When Putin warned that Western threats would be met in kind:

“Some Western politicians are already threatening us with not just sanctions, but also the prospect of increasingly serious problems on the domestic front. I would like to know what it is they have in mind exactly: action by a fifth column, this disparate bunch of ‘national traitors’, or are they hoping to put us in a worsening social and economic situation so as to provoke public discontent? We consider such statements irresponsible and clearly aggressive in tone, and we will respond to them accordingly.”

When Putin reminded Germany that not everyone supported its post-Cold War reunification:

“I believe that the Europeans, first and foremost, the Germans, will also understand me. Let me remind you that in the course of political consultations on the unification of East and West Germany… some nations that were then and are now Germany’s allies did not support the idea of unification. Our nation, however, unequivocally supported the sincere, unstoppable desire of the Germans for national unity. I am confident that you have not forgotten this, and I expect that the citizens of Germany will also support the aspiration of the Russians, of historical Russia, to restore unity.”

When Putin called out the West for hypocrisy over Kosovo:

“We keep hearing from the United States and Western Europe that Kosovo is some special case. What makes it so special in the eyes of our colleagues? It turns out that it is the fact that the conflict in Kosovo resulted in so many human casualties. Is this a legal argument? The ruling of the International Court says nothing about this. This is not even double standards; this is amazing, primitive, blunt cynicism. One should not try so crudely to make everything suit their interests, calling the same thing white today and black tomorrow. According to this logic, we have to make sure every conflict leads to human losses.”

And, of course, when Putin reminded his critics that everyone has their breaking point:

spring snaps2

Lavrov to Kerry….

Kerry goes on public TV to report

that Putin will decide on Kerry’s propositions

after the Crimea Referendum.

This is exactly the event that Kerry was trying to stop.

Hence the meeting with Lavrov.

Kerry Refuses To Meet With Putin


US Secretary of State John Kerry refuses to meet with Putin

if Putin does not do first what Kerry wants.

Well, bully for you!

Bully for both of you.

What’s the hurry, anyway?

The Paralympics should be closed first before…

(kung sino ang may kailangan siya ang lumapit!) dontmind

The Crimean Referendum


This is a choice of self-determination by a nation of Crimeans. This cannot  be denied.

The G-7;  and whomever believes that Crimea should to do whatever they decide; is actually butting in on the pursuit of life, liberty, and posterity for the people.

Does the G7 actually believe that their whole world will collapse if the referendum goes through? They should remember that this is a referendum, and the people still has to choose in a democratic manner. Why go after Putin? Do the G7 members believe that Putin can stop this referendum?

On second thought, stopping this referendum by Putin or any of the G7 heads of state will bring the most disastrous consequences in that region and perhaps the rest of the world. The Crimean citizens will not like it! All the mechanisms have been in place.

The rest of the world does not concur with the G7 in this act of greed. Have they even realized that the UN does not approve of the G7 now?

The G7 is going against their own sacred principles in butting in on this country.

Repeat—this referendum is unstoppable, by Putin or any other country, even with bombs and rockets.

Take your greedy hands off these people!



Like Children


I find it amusing that we start calling this Russian guy, Putin, delusional, maniacal, crazy, not in tune to the times, and what-nots.

We are acting more like children than children.

We get between two persons quarreling in their own backyards, and afterwards we threaten to punish one of them for not doing what we want him to do.

We forget that we still do not have that God-given right to favor Abel from Cain.

We still do not realize that this guy, Putin, has stood alone against all of us and secured for himself a big portion of that turf which all of us have not even set foot on.

I don’t think he is out of his mind. On the contrary, he has outmaneuvered all of us.

So let us stop with the name-calling before we realize that it was stupid of us to do this.

UN Secretary General Acts on Ukraine


The UN Secretary General seriously wants a meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Now we see a light on the agreement tunnel.

And what I have written so far is coming true.

And I express most emphatically that there is a United nations, after all.

What Putin may stress to Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the UN, is that there are treaties existing between Ukraine and Russia, treaties that the international community should honor and should not even be rattled with sabers or threats of de-fanged F 35 Raptors..

Now, if Putin will just relax and deafen his ears to ied’s and gunfires, and bombs that may provoke his  trigger finger, everything will be OK.


Ukrainian Protests


I am beginning to understand what the protests are really about. The Ukrainians who were a big contingent in the Soviet Army of World War II, have risen against the excessive influence of Russia upon their own government. It is mostly on international trade and foreign relations that are in much concern regarding the protests. The Ukrainians wish to cultivate broader relations with Europe and will thus facilitate relations between Ukraine and Europe. After this, Ukraine will have a trade relations with Europe very much independent of Russia. Also, there would be much migrations to and from the countries concerned.

Now there is a large Ukrainian population in the Western Canada, mostly in the prairies, as their specialties lie in agriculture. The population is so large in Alberta that they form big Ukrainian communities, and oftentimes deserve to include in the school curriculum, Ukrainian as a second language. They have proven to be very good, loyal and law-abiding citizens. They also must be exclusively free to practice what their culture preaches.

Russia, however, is still on the verge of completing its own confederation of countries similar to the western  NATO. And the more populous, erstwhile benign, country of Ukraine form a big part of this plan.

Putin counteracts the protests by offering to buy out the billions of dollars in national debt incurred by the Ukrainian government. Naturally, and by necessity, the Ukrainian government has accepted this offer.

ukrainian protesters3a