Pres. Benigno Aquino, III


NO! I do not believe he should have got himself directly involved with the Bus Hostage negotiations.

There is a lot of people capable of handling this by themselves.

Besides, if he did this, then he would be expected to do this everytime somebody takes some people hostage.

And that smile of his has been misunderstood. It is a mannerism. All smiling jacks have this mannerism. That’s the reason why they are called smiling jacks.

In fact all Filipinos can be called smiling jacks. Observe the destitute people being interviewed on tv. They smile even when they recount their tragedies. They smile even when they ask for help! Smiling is congenital to Filipinos. This is why they do not need practice to master it!

If you do not smile in the face of disaster, disaster will not face you with a smile.