Pope Francis

Trump At Odds With The Pope

Suddenly the wind shifts

and this will not be good for somebody we know.

The Pope is infallible

when he speaks ex cathedra.

And he will not surrender one iota of dogma.

Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

Render unto Trump what is Trump’s.

The Pope’s words are not commands.

Rather these are pastoral in nature.

The ones most guilty

are usually the ones most affected.

Whether they be Christians, or non-Christians.

At Congress

As I expected pope francis wowed the Americans

and then bowled them over

in amazement.

Addressing a joint session of Congress,

the Pope did not admonish,

nor exhort,

nor reprimand.

Instead he reminded them of the good things

that they have accomplished

and pointed aout that they can do better.

He alluded to Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King, Jr.,

Abraham Lincoln and father Thomas Merton,

the last being a Trappist Monk.


At Congress.mp4

I did read some of Father Thomas Merton’s books,

and the quotation that stands out is,

“Thou should not go with the noise

and the business of men.”

Which probably enforces his beliefs of

assuming the silence of a Cistercian Monk.

The Pope Speaks



The Pope Speaks.mpg