planes and trains


The name of this company rings out as if it were still in post WW II.

Actually it is, because we never have WW III.

This company is noted for building trains and planes

in twain.

To cut the story short,

this company could have built the F-35 successfully,

what with all the money that was spent uselessly on this attack plane.

This newer stealth fighter have had

defective performances up till today.

My guess, and this is still a guess,

that the stealth body of this plane was built first

and then parts to fly it were designed or

scrounged around.

There probably was a hurry to build this model

after the other one was shot down.

But no guessing now, there is no need for stealth

during the present time because conflicts today

do not require stealthy invasions

and/or sneak attacks.

Just simple strafing and bombing would do.

Besides stealth planes can be seen from satellites

streaking through the air over Google maps

or cutting through the atmosphere as seen

on weather radar.

This model, if designed and built by Bombardier,

could very well have been twin-engined,

sleek as an arrow,

and using sub-orbital performance features.

Under these conditions, the Canadian government

may agree with a consortium funded by the U.S.

and handled by Bombardier.